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TAIZHOU CITY, ZHEJIANG PROVINCE, CHINA — A 48 year old woman, nicknamed Xiao Wang, landed herself in hospital after a seriously desperate attempt to lose weight backfired badly.

Xiao Wang felt that she needed to lose a few pounds and initially started by drinking loads of water as advised by her local doctor.

Oh, but not just any water! This was special water! This water is commonly referred to as yinyang water. According to religious monks and some medical quacks, yinyang water is the cure-all to a whole host of human ailments.

Anyway, yinyang water is created when you combine really really hot water with icy cold water resulting in a cup of lukewarm water. Tada! Magical water to cure any ailment and help you lose weight!

So Xiao Wang drank and drank and drank and drank until she could no longer drink anymore. Less than an hour later Xiao Wang began to vomit blood and suffer from diarrhea, which more or less confined her to the bathroom for several days.

Not yet ready to give up on her diet plan Xiao Wang asked a friend who referred her to another quack who told her she’d just stab her a few hundred times in the legs with a needle. The quack told Xiao Wang to keep drinking the magical water while she worked.

A hundred punctures later Xiao Wang’s blood pressure plummeted and she went into shock. Xiao Wang’s family immediately rushed her to hospital, where when questioned the quack admitted that the hypodermic needle she’d used contained some numbing agent. As for the drug name and it’s potency? The quack admitted she had no idea.

Doctors at the hospital also discovered that Xiao Wang was suffering from water intoxication, which is caused by overhydration and not enough electrolytes. They quickly hung an IV bag of saline.

Luckily, Xiao Wang will survive her adventure to the hospital emergency room.

I wonder if this’ll be enough to scare her off of these crazy diet plans?


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20 thoughts on “Diet plans: Crazy woman is stabbed over 100 times in desperate attempt to lose weight – TomoNews

  1. When my best friend lost 19 pounds before her marriage, I had been just spellbound. Then, I came to know about "fizy unique plan" (Google it). I actually searched it on Google as well as started using it right away.

  2. Lastly, a diet guidebook that was very easy and quick to read. The “loli special plan” (search Google) is the very first diet that I can’t wait to start on. I have loosen 8.5 pounds in a week.

  3. This video is about someone losing weight. Before this video started, I watched an ad about people saying they lost weight. Hmm…

  4. My Grandma told me I would die if I ate water melon while also drinking water. I didn't believe her and drank some water after a piece of watermelon and she locked me outside for the night, at 8 years old, like she did so many times before.

  5. how are you going to loose weight by stabbed yourself god damn fucking fat fucks pig shits just fucking work out and eat healthy dumbfucks

  6. kid: I LOVE WATER
    mom:you could die from drinking water
    kid: fine I'll stop drinking water
    kid: I feel nauseous
    mom: have you been drinking water
    kid: no u said I could die from it
    mom: facepalm

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