Disabled and Seeking Sexual Surrogates | The New York Times

Disabled and Seeking Sexual Surrogates | The New York Times

In France, sexual surrogates for disabled people are not permitted, but some are pushing to make the practice legal.

Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/14vvX52

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Disabled and Seeking Sexual Surrogates

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20 Responses to Disabled and Seeking Sexual Surrogates | The New York Times

  1. Gang Banger says:

    My ex left me for a disabled, not kidding,

  2. Ceil Constante says:

    Such a personal private human need shouldn't be denied.

  3. birute Ramanauskas says:

    Crazy people with no brains

  4. Daisy Summer says:

    Every one deserves the life that can be beautiful journey , full of experience in every way possible!!! πŸ’ž

  5. terry ferguson says:

    Healthcare is the sorcery of Babylon.The real word of God(the king James bible) has been replaced with fake NWO bibles in most churches.The real word of God,is health to your flesh and bones and for healing.

  6. MISS ESHA says:

    Everyone needs love

  7. Juan Engelbrecht says:

    Give them PRP treatment! (Platelet rick plasma)

  8. The Real Talion V3 says:

    If theyre so desperate, why cant they remove the handle bars from their wheelchairs and play with them.

  9. Honest John says:

    Like the LGBT umbrella

  10. Quentin Bohannon says:

    This is sad I hope shes is allright.

  11. melisa lopez says:

    Everybody just wants to be loved that's all we really want just to be loved

  12. marijuana buona says:


  13. ocsrc says:

    I am a disabled man, 49,

    I have a degenerative muscle disease and never have had a relationship. Never known the touch of a woman.

    Surrogates should be allowed

    We are too puritanical in America.

    People like me suffer in silence

  14. shakell w says:

    I dated a lady who had this same condition, she became a teacher and still is a teacher, as a child she could walk but buy teen year she lost that ability and was in a wheelchair, she can still use her hands but they are weak, when this lady on the short video say she still can feel everything its a true fact, the lady I dated had feeling on her entire body, she could feel everything when being intement

  15. Ishfaaq Aliar says:


  16. Natasha Kings says:

    3 things science can't explain to this day:

    1) Bermuda triangle
    2) UFO
    3) YouTube recommendations

  17. Susanna Donovan says:

    You're calling them surrogates but that is a code word for Prostitutes. If one wants a sexual partner, they can find a husband or wife. Disability doesn't stop people from getting married.

  18. butter bomb says:

    Leave it to the French for this


    Baby I'm pregnant

  20. CakesSoSweet Youknow says:

    Okay this is too weird for me…

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