Dr. Becky's Weight Loss Coaching Program

Are you looking for a plan to follow? With more than 30 exclusive videos, an active forum, hundreds of recipes, and three new meal plans precisely formulated to help slow losers speed up their weight loss, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Join: http://www.drbeckyfitness.com/weight-loss-coaching-program/

There is no recurring monthly costs. The one-time fee gets you the exclusive videos that detail exactly how to eat for fast and efficient weight loss as well as these five bonus items:

*Bonus 1: Meal Plans
When you want to change your weight, you need to know exactly what to eat with no guesswork, which is why the meal plans you’ll receive are such an enormous value. And, best yet, I just added three brand new meal plans designed to help even the slowest loser get fast weight loss results.

Do you have the time and energy to find recipes and put together your meal plans? If you do, you’re fortunate. But if you’re busy, and want just to click and download the grocery list then this bonus pays for itself.

*Bonus 2: Member’s Forum
Support is an important part of your success, and with the recently added coaching forum, you’ll have the support you need to succeed. With the forum, you can ask questions, share ideas, and meet others on your same journey.

*Bonus 3: A.N.T.S. Extermination Plan.
If you’ve had trouble sticking with a diet in the past, then you likely have ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) running through your head that sabotage your plan. The coaching program walks you through how to get your mind and body on the same page. You’ll finally have the secret weapon to long-term weight control.

*Bonus 4: Exercise Tips & Strategies.
Go from good to great by adding exercise. Learn the quick trick to finding the best exercise for you.

*Bonus 5: Expanded Recipe Book. The more than 150 recipes are naturally high in vitamins and minerals and low in gluten. And, the special notations allow you to quickly identify the 81 vegan-friendly recipes and 33 additional vegetarian-friendly recipes.

New for 2018, we’ve added a “Going Keto” section to our program. Whether you’re interested in following a low-carb or keto diet, you’ll have all of the materials you need to succeed.

As a member, you’ll be able to go back through the materials as often as you want. Pay once, and the program is yours forever!

Join Here: http://www.drbeckyfitness.com/weight-loss-coaching-program/
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20 Responses to Dr. Becky's Weight Loss Coaching Program

  1. Jason Duncan says:

    How do I know how many carbs is low carb?

  2. cherished girl says:

    Hi Dr. Becky. I am in need of someone to help me lose weight. Can you help?

  3. leetta4 says:

    Hi Dr. Becky, are the weight loss modules grouped together?

  4. Seratonia says:

    To all Vegans,What a pity, was about to sign up, but if you are Vegan,you have to design your own meal plans,

  5. wanda newton says:

    Hi Dr. Becky, Will be ou customize a plan for someone who has had weight loss surgery?

  6. felicia Bosch says:

    Hi Dr Becky I am 73 years I'm so in need of eating well I just need to keep my goals fastened to a better life that I can have please help God bless

  7. AdrenalineHigh says:

    “A body that feels right!” 😉 Her husband can attest to that I bet! Hehehehe anyway, I’m not one to pay for advice from YouTubers, but I have to say, this woman does seem knowledgeable. I think she would be able to help anyone get back in shape and lead a healthier life…. I’m getting tempted to join. Not quite there yet, but the fact that it’s is crossed my mind says a lot. LoL Thank goodness I haven’t watched too many of her videos or else I would probably be there already.

  8. Meryl Casey says:

    Is this still ongoing as tried the website but does not link up

  9. Muriel Russell says:

    Hello Becky. I am 53 years old and in menopause. I weight around 85kg and am 1.75m tall so I don't look overweight. I have a desk bound job but I practice some form of exercise inc yoga tai chi cycling swimming walking most days. I eat cooked nutritious food most of the time though too much for the amount of exercise I do. With the changes in my hormones I am conscious I need to make changes but I'm not sure what. My body has started to change and I'm starting to have belly fat which I never had. I would like to loose 5-8kg so I'm very interested in your coaching program. However I am in the U.K. And my concern is your program uses imperial measurements and will list ingredients in US English rather than uk English which means I'll have to spend time translating everything which will defeat the accessibility aspect of your program… Are you planning to do a metric / UK English version? Looking forward to your comments.Thank you.

  10. Sanjay Chavan says:

    Wow nice videos lovely lady….fantastic video.

  11. Joe Fry Guitar Guy says:

    Hello doctor Becky. I've been searching for someone to explain how insulin resistance happens and you have explained it better than anyone on Youtube. After my eye doctor mention my eyesight has change drastically my family doctor had me get a blood test. He didn't mention fasting before the test so I stopped by the hospital and the test come back with numbers 660 sugars numbers and the doctor wanted to write a script for Metamorphine but I told him I would change my diet to control the sugars. I immediately cut all sweets, soda which I was over indulging in for years. I could eat a whole pack of cookies or cupcakes a night and was drinking a 24 pack of coke or more per week still losing weight. I have been losing weight before this blood test and I'm still losing weight. How can that be? I've gone from 232 down to 200 before the blood test. All I was doing was drinking lots of water. Now it's been a week of very low carbs and I've lost 4 – 5 pounds more. I'm 5' 7" so I still have plenty of belly fat to shed. I never had luck losing weight in the past except on Akins diet which went away when I hurt my back and stopped all exercises.

  12. Claire Blais says:

    Do your diet menus work around food sensitivities to eggs and shell fish – I can eat eggs when they are incorporated in sufficient bulk but not by themselves and no shell fish – I’d like to use your program BUT I don’t want to spend hours figuring out what or how to substitute- I need to do a low carb or keto

  13. rosifowler says:

    Hi Becky I was just wondering if on a LCHF program for weight loss and trying to just eat three times a day where does fruit or low carb desserts fit it? Or should they be avoided? Can you eat fruit or low carb dessert at end of meal? Thanks.

  14. Kevin Jackson says:

    Hey. Becky, I'm a new subscriber. I truly love your channel.How can I get in touch with YOU? ? I'm interested in your coaching. You and your husband are awesome. Please get in touch with me?? God bless y'all.

  15. AJ R says:

    Thank you so much for teaching. Is there a video that talks about why one would loose hair while on the Ketogenic Diet? thank you.

  16. Brian D. says:

    just had dinner and then got a craving, I ate ice cream bars 570 calories in about 2 minutes. that's how it happens with me, quick, do u think I might be a good patient for the appetite supresent contrave?

  17. hinahues says:

    Can you please do a vid on “workout for losing weight while suffering from iron deficiency anaemia” please?

  18. Charles fuller says:

    Ummm bacon? Lol you ain't losing weight with this long term. The fat you eat is the fat you wear. Bacon is saturated fat and cholesterol.

  19. Tari Hathcock says:

    Is there a specific reason your husband did the Keto diet instead of the 0123 without keto? Is that better for men?

  20. Cassie Does Keto says:

    Are the recipes UK compatible as so many foods used in many US recipes are not available or very expensive to buy on Amazon

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