Dr. Stork Now Recommends A Plant Based Diet! Really!

Guess who’s no longer afraid of bananas and is telling people to replace meat with beans and lentils? Yes, Dr. Travis Stork, of the Drs TV show, has a had a major change of opinion since learning about how having a healthy gut microbiome affects our health and weight.




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20 thoughts on “Dr. Stork Now Recommends A Plant Based Diet! Really!

  1. This is so frustrating though how they capitalize on vegan diets when this info has been around for forever. This is nothing new, but somehow the rich get richer ??

  2. Dr. Stork better watch his step before they replace him. There are plenty of good looking corpse eating Doctors that would love to take his place.

  3. He is just promoting the vegan lifestyle without literally saying vegan. Annoying considering in the past he kind of mocked it. But hey since a TV doctor said it maybe more will actually take the message in

  4. More doctors are know learning what they should have learn at medical school. NutriciĆ³n. Is the key. Plant base is the best.?????

  5. Whole Food Plant Based Diet is NOT the same as VEGAN. Just saying. Oreo's are Vegan, and plenty of other Junk is acceptably considered Vegan.

  6. are actual cage free eggs (my pet chickens) ok to eat by vegan standards? Thinking about trying veganism for a month to see how it makes me feel.

  7. So happy to see this! It really shows how it pays off to stick to sharing the message. I'm sure he watched your videos and it got him thinking.

  8. Good on stork. But I wouldn't even care for what he's got to say to begin with anyway. Plant based diet has always been the superior diet. I'd love to fully commit one day soon.

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