25 thoughts on “EASY Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle! – Food, Staying Fit & Stress Free

  1. these are all really good tips!! but you wanna be careful with packaged
    foods- usually my rule is if i can’t pronounce an ingredient, it should’t
    go into my body. Just make sure that the packaged foods you buy arent full
    of preservatives+artificial colors/flavors, high fructose corn syrup, etc
    Love you<333

  2. Great to see sunny Florida, when I’m stuck up in rainy Minnesota (: love
    these healthy lifestyle videos. Please do more!!

  3. i just love your vibe haha if that makes any sense, your personality, your
    look, the place where you are, what you have to say, everything! You are so
    pretty and positive i love it!

  4. Love love love this video – you’ve inspired me to turn on some music and
    clean out my room. You’re totally right. When my room is a mess, I’m a

  5. That was so nice! I absolutely love zumba, biking and I’ve been so obsessed
    with plain greek yogurt and putting honey in it!

  6. Be careful with the lemon water. My dentist told me to not drink lemon
    water because the citrus is very hard on your teeth. I like putting
    cucumber in my water because it’s still really refreshing!

  7. This video was actually so helpful! What was the name of that zumba DVD?
    Youre video has inspired me to start getting healthy again! Oh and your
    style is just perfection! Fun twist on classic preppy style

  8. Thank you so much for making these awesome videos! I have gone through a
    some-what bad year, and honestly your videos have inspired me to stick
    through it! I can’t explain how thankful I am that you make such inspiring
    videos! BTW I LOVE your style, I love how it is a mix between preppy and

  9. I Love you filming outside I love seeing the water and the sunshine it’s
    been so cold and rainy up hear in Massachusetts 

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