Eat More Fat? — Amazing Results

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ICE CREAM — for the ice cream recipe, you need to find the Bulletproof Executive website and search for ‘Get Some Ice Cream.’ Also, get his Bulletproof Diet infographic.

Just one vital facet. More is needed. Take a look at the principles of Weston A. Price that were found in ALL healthy peoples all over the world with varying diets. Eskimos ate mostly meat. Polynesians ate mostly veges. But they ALL shared common principles that accounted for their extreme level of health and longevity. Fat was highly regarded by them all, thus, one of the vital principles of the traditional diets of our forefathers.

Find out what’s missing — regain your health now.

David Getoff
Nutrition and Health (important)

Elaine Cantin’s cancer cure interviewed by Lisa Robbins on Incredible Healing Journals.

Peter Attia

Low Carb Athlete

Dr. Jerry Tennant
Understanding How the Body Works

Seth Roberts
What Foods Make My Brain Work Best?

Mark Sisson

Steven Fowkes
Nutrients for Better Mental Performance

Dave Asprey on the Joe Rogan Show

Fat Burning Man interviews Ashley Tudor

Interview with Ashley Tudor, Author of “Sweet Potato Power”

Bulletproof Executive interviews Jason Nunnelley

Ben Greenfield interviews Paul Jaminet

Is There One Single Diet That Is Best? (And Why Something Called The “Perfect Health Diet” Heavily Influences Most of Ben Greenfield’s Dietary Decisions).

Gary Taubes

Ketogenic Diet Reverses Kidney Disease (Nephropathy)

If you liked this, please look into the Weston A Price Foundation. Your local chapter leader will be glad to help you find local nutrient-dense foods.


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18 thoughts on “Eat More Fat? — Amazing Results

  1. Ever since i upped my fat intake considerably, the less carbs i took in as well as moderate protein(100g or less), the leaner I got. I build muscle in the process and I never lacked endurance to finish my hiit workouts. On top of that i never suffered that low sex drive that people associate with being lean because of that low fat, high protein bs. I've been lied for years now on how to eat!

  2. High fat diets increase natural testosterone levels. Fatty fish have high protein and omega 3 fatty acids which have proven to reduce the chance of heart disease. Vegans have a hard time getting complete proteins, mainly having to rely on soy proteins. Yes peanut butter has high protein, but is not a complete protein.

    A diet to where you MUST supplement a vitamin (like b12) cannot be called a "natural healthy diet". Most men I've seen who are vegan typically have very low muscle mass and in general look unhealthy. I have seen vegetarians however that look very good because they can eat high quality protein like eggs and whey. Also higher fat diets make you look younger.


  3. I'm on the insulin diet by Dr. Berg. this high fat diet is so true. but I'm starting to notice that it seems like I'm not taking in enough fat. im on the second week on the program and already lost a belt size, no excersize at all, and most of the craving for sugars and bread are almost completely gone. if you look up Dr. Berg insulin diet, make sure to take his body type test. that totally changed my life and show me what I was lacking that I couldn't loose the weight. also I know someone who is diabetic with the painful feet. very painful for them just to stand, but didn't want to take that poison medication. while being on the insulin diet the pain in the feet is almost gone. thank you everyone for sharing your information.

  4. The reason for losing weight is not what people think. It's related to protein in that the tendency of the animal is to eat a certain amount of protein. If your food is very high in protein then you attain hunger satiation calorically sooner than compared to processed carbohydrates or fat. So to maintain weight or lose weight for a period you will likely be eating a lot of protein. Unfortunately, high protein diets are very bad for longevity. So the better way is low protein low fat high carbohydrate but use whole unprocessed carbohydrates (starchy staples). When you eat whole plant foods you can satisfy hunger because of caloric density. The tendency will be to eat more due to protein compensatory feeding but because the caloric density is low it results in control. If you did the same with processed carbs or oils then the tendency would be to gain more weight. Using the low protein low fat high carbohydrate (starchy) you can extend longevity. In mice the life extension was nearly 40%. High protein and high fat diet for mice reduces longevity quite dramatically. So better to eat whole starchy staples, vegetables, some or little fruit, no oil, avoid sugars, avoid processed foods, avoid concentrated plant products, prefer low protein.

  5. The thing I found out about eggs is that they also contain lecithin that inhibits the bodies ability to use colesterol. Now there is a supplement out that contains high levels of lecithin that claims to lower colesterol. If this is true, then I´m wasting my time eating eggs. I´m 64 years old and female so I need all the colesterol I can get. Is this, about lecithin, true? Does eating it lower your colesterol like they say?

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