Everything Miranda Kerr Eats In A Day | Food Diaries | Harper's BAZAAR

Miranda Kerr gave us an exclusive look at her meal plan for the day- and it involves mini pancakes!

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20 Responses to Everything Miranda Kerr Eats In A Day | Food Diaries | Harper's BAZAAR

  1. Delon Jordan:0,released 3 albums in December 2019 says:

    I don't do mothers and if she wasn't married and had no children I'd beat her cakes.

  2. Mira Mero says:

    I love her

  3. Katherine says:

    Youtubers now are really pretty!!! I love your smile. You're so pretty! Thank you for your great content! God bless!

  4. Mo Dilban says:

    Ppls commmets are stupid !! You don’t need a big breakfast , having small pancakes is fine , I have a bowl of fruit in the morning that’s it !!!!

  5. 이나라 says:

    That portion is for my parrot.

  6. Sonam World says:

    What website can I buy that outfit from???

  7. Jenyfer Saenz says:

    I swear whenever someone shows a model eating Junk Food in the videos y'all go: Why do they always eat junk food in the videos? Are they trying to make her relatable? Miranda is showing a realistic What i eat in a day as a model.

  8. Lorien says:

    Miranda eat some pork.

  9. Kvitka777 says:

    She's quite annoying, tbh.

  10. 이나라 says:

    Longer version plz

  11. C Levante says:

    7 hours? 😂

  12. Cari Owen says:

    I bet teddy eats more than she does

  13. Cari Owen says:

    Conclusion that she doesn't eat much does she haha. I'll stick to my latte, coffee, fruit and veg, lean meat and veg and the odd treats thanks! UK size 8 – 10, I'll enjoy my own food over micro pancakes. Looks a bit like dolls food for a tiny person 🙁

  14. 아임베비cho says:

    she is so beautiful and there are reasons.

  15. Jana Schlegel says:

    All I have to do is make the pancakes and this with the chicken and eat, the fish and the smoothie I already made and was very licky

  16. Saylor Werthington says:

    She barely eats anything 😳

  17. Brenda Morales says:

    What I eat in a day..tacos!

  18. VelocyTaptor says:

    She has a great diet

  19. Lisa Renee says:

    I loved everything about this video except for the breakfast

  20. Caro Der Graue Reiter says:

    In den Niederlanden gibt es diese kleinen Pfannkuchen als so normale Spezialität😂

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