Exclusive : ‘MUSCULAR 8’ Program OVERVIEW | 8 Week Fat Loss Program by Guru Mann

Gulshan Kumar presents ‘MUSCULAR 8’ Program OVERVIEW – Guru Mann’s 8 week Fat loss Program.

★ NEW YEAR 2015 Resolution: BURN FAT & BUILD MUSCLES ★

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20 thoughts on “Exclusive : ‘MUSCULAR 8’ Program OVERVIEW | 8 Week Fat Loss Program by Guru Mann

  1. Sir I am able to do just the wieght training and not cardio in ur Muscular 8 program because of time constraintions. Will I get results ?, Pls reply

  2. Thanks Sir, following muscle 8 from last 4 week lost 4.5 kg fats & muscles are improving every one is appreciating me thank you sir.

  3. Hi.. I want to lose fat out of my body.I am starting from zero, i need to ask either i need to follow all your programs one by one or just pick up this one and start from day one. Again mentioning that i m a starter,starting from absolute zero.
    Your response will be much appreciated.

  4. i really appreciate the work u r doing for Indian community v all need someone like u to promote our community in their particular fields and help India and Indians restore their respect ,fame & help India grow bettter
    awesome 🙂 :)

  5. hey.. none of your videos are playing except overview of muscular 8week program. it's showing server error.. could you please check it out..

  6. hey guru mann i m M.hussain from pakistan i follow your musclar 8 program i can't found your recovary day high carbs ( thurs-sun ) breakfast ( oats ) snack ( banana bread toast ) lunch ( chichken and rice ) dinner ( omelet and roti ) pizz help me ?

  7. sir I'm a 16 yr old boy n I'm doing gyming from last 4-5 months…
    can I follow your program 'muscular 8'….?

  8. Do you suggest same workout plan for women? also it will be great to know the variations if I am working out at home. I do have weights, dumbbells but not sophisticated machines etc. thanks

  9. sir, i have started following muscular_8 but before starting this i used to do dead lifts in back exercise. so from now can i do lifts or not??
    my body fat is 16%

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