Exercise for People Over 60 – Your Exercise Routine

Brian Stecker shares a great exercise routine for people over 60. Follow along to start seeing results for yourself!

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20 Responses to Exercise for People Over 60 – Your Exercise Routine

  1. Strident Atheist says:

    If you never trained before, and are over 60, then this is very good. You have to be careful and have to start someplace.
    I got really weak the past few years. 65 now. Back in Feb. I could barely squat 75lbs for reps and not very deep and major hip pain.
    7 months later did 205lbs for 5 reps, with a safety squat bar (highly recommended …especially for old people) and no hip pain.

    Mobility is the absolute key. Been working hard at hip mobility exercises of which there is seemingly no end to. Find what works for you and just do it!

  2. Lian Greenwood says:

    Thank you for this video for low intensity exercise. My question is what to do when you only have dumbbells.

  3. susan v says:

    It has been said before but most people who watch these videos and similar teaching aids are already getting some exercise.
    So for all of those who feel it's all too much, start here. Walk, walk, walk even if it's for only 5 mins . Find a marker, for example a nearby shop, road, house that is about 5/10 mins away including return journey. Do this every day and just keep doing it . Obviously the further you walk the better but 5 mins could be to the bottom of the garden and back a few times. It's dead easy, you won't feel fatigued or an embarrassing example of an unfit person, you don't need 'special ' clothes and you can do it in the rain or snow. Take the dog, the cat, your music or whatever but, and I mean but, smile. All the way, smile. A few days and you will feel better, even if you were good to start with. Then, when ready steadily increase the distance you walk.
    Go for it and smile.

  4. roguemale TheOne&Only says:

    I do:10 minutes of skipping rope,then 10 min of weights finally,another 10,kickboxing on the bag.
    3-4 times a week.
    I'm 61.

  5. Rodney Kennedy says:

    Everyone has all that equipment in their living room. You should have stuck with exercises between doorways and walls. I wish I could afford 20 foot walls and that piece of equipment. Did love the exercises I have access too.

  6. Ethel Bentancourt says:


  7. Jay Barnett says:

    Apparently my generation sucks. Im 62, lift, box, minimum 100 pushuos a day 5 days a week.
    So glad this guy is getting Old Folks up and moving. I do take MSM every day and swear by it. Hope you all stick to this program and get bad to the bone! Gods peace.

  8. Anne Brady says:

    I'm 61 and a masters swimmer. I see so many people at pool who I can help with stroke etc . But the women are snarky and men are scared of me. some chat nicely, but they act like I'm just different.i am very discouraged about helping folks.i have healed my autonomic nervous system thru simple exercise and diet. it seems like people wear their problems like a badge of specialness……any suggestions. I'm working on vs content for senior swimmer.i am actually one of fastest backstroke in world for my age. skill and discipline are key. But few care.

  9. Anne Brady says:

    At least not in bad shape like most.

  10. Anne Brady says:

    It is obvious you are not 60

  11. Paul May says:

    Agree with Donna Sue below. With steel in spine, I can do these.

  12. Hi there says:

    This is bullshit. Most older folks can't do half of those.

  13. col smith says:

    Thank you so much as this is what l enjoyed as l am needing a full work but doing it at home and trying to improvise with what l have l have fitness buy need to build up gradually as l run into issues with a trainer and fractured my wrist and then pushed myself hard to l become sick so now as there are no machines home l have no temptations. Thank you once again


    Thanks. Impressive.

  15. Joyce Dunlap says:

    I have a unique problem that I cannot seem to find the answer to. Perhaps you can help???? I am 75 years old, have lifted weights for more than 50 years and worked up to some pretty heavy weights with every body part that I worked on. Since I have been doing intermittent fasting for 10 months, I finally was able to lose those last 20 pounds and feel great. However, I have lost a lot of strength!!!!??? I had to lower all my weights. It is discouraging. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I am in the gym faithfully 5 days a week doing mild cardio then lifting for a total of 2 hours each workout. Do I need to make any special adjustments in my macros now that I am 75???? An example from my diary is : 10% carbs, 71% fat, 19% protein. I only eat Whole Foods, not processed….Can you make any suggestions?…..This is very frustrating…..Thanks….Joyce

  16. vwbug1971 says:

    With IBS and hiatal hernia, it is not easy to find exercises that don't manipulate the hernia or demand diets that aren't possible. A former back surgery, too, causes me to pause.

  17. Rosa Clark says:

    Great exercises!

  18. veedub447 says:

    How would someone who is 25 have any idea what it is like to stay in shape over 60?

  19. David Diwan-Masih says:

    Good resource

  20. Steve Shepherd says:

    Really enjoyed this video … found it engaging and motivating.

    I’ve trained, to a degree, most of my life, from 18 to 48. Then I fell/slipped backwards on ice, automatically put my arm back, to break my fall, and this horrific pain shout straight up my arm yo my shoulder … first time I have ever witnessed pain travel. Needless to say I actually ripped my right side rotator cuff, couldn’t move my arm for weeks. Had so much therapy, cortisone injections, massage, and about three years on, I was able to start gentle exercises with bands … this whole issue, injury, set me back years, it was about ten years until I could use the whole range of motion again with my shoulder. I get nervous just looking at ice now 😣

    I started using kettlebells and suspension straps … now I’m 62, and wonder what the possibilities are of regaining a little muscle toning, weight loss. I need to get my motivation back, I have my own equipment etc …. any tips please 👍🏻

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