FAITH LEATHERMAN – Fitness Model: Intense Upper Body Gym Routine @ USA

INTENSE Upper Body Workout For Women | Workouts To Tone Arms, Shoulders and Upper Back!

Total Upper Body Workout for Women – Back, Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders.

This video contains: Front Raises, Reverse Grip, Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions, Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns, Straight Arm Pulldowns, Rear Delt Raises, Dumbbell Crunches, Russian Twists, W Curls, Incline Skullcrushers, Dumbbell Shoulder Press, Incline Lateral Raise, Overhead Rope Pulldowns, Lat Pullovers and others exercises for women.

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8 Responses to FAITH LEATHERMAN – Fitness Model: Intense Upper Body Gym Routine @ USA

  1. jucalu5 says:

    Bb, mi lengua es muy juguetona y larga. Te hará estremecerte !!!

  2. Bashir Brown says:

    Go ahead, you got that baby girl

  3. Bashir Brown says:

    Shut yo" mouth, both of yous

  4. Big Lenny Official YouTube says:

    if it wasn't for YouTube or Instagram I wonder if any of these sluts would still workout lol

  5. Nena And David Fitness says:

    Great workouts! Check out my new channel i'd highly appreciate it! Get motivated👍🏼💪🏼

  6. faty booba92i says:

    vraiment manifique <3

  7. Faniga Motoqueiro says:

    Essa gosta de mostrar a bunda. 🙂

  8. Princess Blue says:

    lo q yo necesitaba …excelentee!! Bonita fitness model👏👏⚘

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