5 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia Fitness: Your Simple 5-Step Exercise Plan

  1. Thank you so much for your positive support CelesteLoveHeart and g athina.

    It’s what keeps strongly motivating me to share some great insights with

    Have an awesome day.

  2. Hello, thanks for sharing this video, I was told from my doctor that I have
    fibromyalgia, a year ago I had no problem execersicing, the problem came on
    later when my body did not resiste anymore the pain all over my body and
    the excess of fatigue. I am a very high high impact person something I
    can´t do right now and that lead me into a depresion and not wanted to
    excersise anymore. I used to be very active and have a good diet, but to me
    if is not high and strong then I don´t happen to like it. I know I have to
    watch over my articulations, and try to talk to myself. Can you give a word
    to share me up. Thanks

  3. Planning on being more active? Pick up some great tips on setting up a
    simple 5-step exercise plan for your fibromyalgia.

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