25 thoughts on “Find Your Happy Healthy Weight

  1. ok watched the whole video, so you answered my previous question. I SO
    appreciate your honesty, you are probably the most honest fitness guru I
    have found. Thanks Sarah! BTW I appreciate you posting your weight this
    Summer. No one does that, but you! Amaze!

  2. This is the first of your videos I have watched. I found it really useful
    listening to what you have to say, subscribing!

  3. I’m sad I missed it. Any chance for weekend or evening live chats, for
    those who can’t during the day? As a loyal subscriber who gets emails
    whenever you post a video, I think a good way to notify us would be to post
    a short youtube video prior to the live chat saying that you will be going
    live. That way, all the subscribers with email notifications will know.

  4. Love this video, Sarah! You are just amazing and such an inspiration. I
    love how you’re a fitness guru who’s also a normal person like us who still
    enjoys cupcakes and chocolates and everything πŸ™‚ Plus I totally agree about
    the Bodyrock workouts being shot in a risque manner. Again, loved this
    video and keep up the good work!!!

  5. Hey Sarah! I love your channel. I liked an outdoor arm workout that you
    posted a while ago, but it has disappeared:-( Is there a way to watch it
    again? I admit to liking the body rock workouts, but yeah, totally hear
    what you are saying. That being said, I totally workout with Mike Chang
    from sixpackshortcuts and pretend he is my boyfriend, lol.

  6. I read that if you want to wose weight that you should actually eat more
    (healthy of course) and that by just eating so much less is actually bad as
    you will slow your motabilism and plateau faster?

  7. That sounds like a great place to start! I love running. I always try a new
    fitness routine like Barre, Yoga or working with a personal trainer but I
    always run in addition on opposite days. Its my sanity and yoga is great
    for stretching and preventing getting injured as you first start!

  8. I don’t follow any diet exactly but I follow the principles from the TIU
    program. I think they do a great job of explaining the details and making
    meal suggestions which is why I recommend it! I do the booty call in the
    spring, summer and fall. my body doesn’t like to get up and exercise hard
    first thing in the morning really when it’s super cold and that is how it’s
    been for a while in Boston πŸ™ I did do yoga this morning though at home!

  9. well, women typically do not have enough testosterone to build muscle like
    men do. Some women have higher levels and tend to put on more muscle easier
    and they might be able to. I mean, I consider olympic gymnasts to have 6
    packs and women that compete in figure competitions have 6 packs but yeah,
    you wont see them with six packs on a random day in the middle of winter
    most likely unless they are preparing for a competition.

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