Finding the right job in Global Health

In this video Dr Greg Martin talks about how to get the perfect job in Global Health and Public Health. Candidates for jobs need to have an in-depth knowledge of subject matter (like HIV, TB, malaria, non-communicable disease etc.) and have transferable skills that they can apply to that subject matter (including epidemiology, health economics and management). Dr Martin talks about how to best position yourself for work in the global health space.

This video was created with support from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. LSHTM offer a wide variety of masters programmes. Find out more at



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14 Responses to Finding the right job in Global Health

  1. cool doc says:

    Great video! I have completed my mbbs so wanted to know whether a post graduate degree in community medicine/P.S.M. is of any significance

  2. Jose Jerez says:

    I'm starting a Global Health MSc this september and your videos have helped me a lot to understand the career paths available in the broad area that is global health. Great work!

  3. Damon says:

    I have a mbbs degree . now I want to do MPH . but I don't know if it's a good career change or not. can I get a job with MPH ?

  4. Bamgboye Afolabi says:

    Wonderful Greg. I studied Public health at University of Liverpool and I am very impressed. I run an NGO – Health, Environment and Development Foundation (HEENDEF) but I am 66 years old. Can I still be useful to my community in Nigeria.

  5. zara mc g2 says:

    Well done, Greg. Health economics made simple. Our Government in Ireland could do with watching this video.

  6. Mamunur Rashid says:

    Many people are working in Global Health, but I know two of them- one is Hans Rosling for his great work with Gapminder, and you (Greg Martin). All of your videos are informative, including this one! Keep doing these and make things interesting for us. Anyway, when we talk about public health or global health, it is important to know about epidemiology. So please make a video on how to become a pure epidemiologist- I mean what we need to be an epidemiologist. Thank you!

  7. Sam Wells says:

    Do you have any recommendations for a textbook on epidemiology?

  8. Angelica Hardee says:

    Greg, this video was perfect timing! I am currently looking for employment and this was really informative.

  9. danny & margaret mclaughlin says:

    very succinct well done Greg. how about one for Irish – local resources ? M

  10. Ver Niks says:

    Thanks for sharing with us with your videos..i do enjoy them. I am looking for any projects to join as a student for my thesis. do you have any recommendations organisations or any projects in Ireland or anywhere? i am open minded with this


    Very informative video – I heard great things about the LSHTM!

  12. thinkeryds says:

    Thank you Dr. Martin for your great videos!
    Could you recommend me some online courses of management in public health? I really want to learn more about these skills.

  13. Terry L Schmidt DrHA says:

    Another Great Video from Greg Martin MD MBA MPH! Thank you Greg!

  14. Donia Abdalla says:

    what about mental health?

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