25 thoughts on “Fit & Fabulous: FLIRTY SEXY GIRL FITNESS PROGRAM (part 1 / 8 – on the chair)

  1. in any type of work out video. They should always remind the way to breathe
    in and out, because that is major key to seeing results .

  2. I wanted this and i orded it and they fucked it up soooooo many times so i
    just cancelled it and i thought that it would be more fun then this good
    thing i didnt order it and what the fuck is up with the music

  3. well for an American girl that works out somewhat, that would be around the
    average weight. Or course it would vary slightly on height and age, but 250
    isn’t average. Especially in a work out video. What would that say about
    the work out? It would say it doesn’t work because if someone is doing the
    work out long enough to be on the video they wouldn’t be that weight if it

  4. This should be a college course. Pole Dancing 101 or maybe advanced Lap
    dancing ? Would greatly help their future jobs.

  5. okay so i am a closet exerciser. I hate it when people watch and I have
    hardly any space in my room to workout in! When people come up the stairs i
    dash to a chair and pick a book up!

  6. God. I’m envious of my cousin’s good friend. He’s been available
    permanently. By some cheat, he’s got a model to deeply love him in weeks.
    How can that be actually possible? He smiled and told me he obtained the
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