Fitness Blender Hourglass Figure Workout – Exercises to get Curves

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23 thoughts on “Fitness Blender Hourglass Figure Workout – Exercises to get Curves

  1. i didnt me to say small cuz im not tht young, i meant to say im short ( 5ft ) so, fitness people PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION DOWN BELOW! Thank you ^.^

  2. ok…………i weigh between 170-200 pounds, i have no curves so im like a small rectangle (cuz im small too), would this video help me? and how many times do i have to do it per to see results? but if this isnt the right video for me, then what video is good for me? ^.^

  3. Great video!!! Very inspirational. For anyone motivated to lose weight, I found a free ebook on weight-loss secrets at dietwithoutpain. com.

  4. If you are heavier, this can help to whittle the middle….If you are already very lean, you would be better to do our lower body workouts combined with our upper body workouts in order to create a contrast between the shoulders, waist & hips.

  5. I have a question also about the work out. Is this work out only for people who already have an hour glass body? or is this to GET an hour glass body? I don’t have one, but would this work out help me a little?

  6. You can focus on building muscle in the upper body & the lower body in order to create a contrast with your midsection & the look of a smaller waist. You could try our Curvy Body workout or any of our upper & lower strength training routines.

  7. rectanguler. Is there away to keep my waist one size when I build muscles on the top and body, without widen my abs. Or should I just accept that this is how my body is?

  8. I have question. If I do a lot of twist exercises for the midsection, will it make my waist smaller. My body is frustrating. I gain muscle easily, I lose and gain fat with no problem. When I lose weight, I lose it everywhere and when I gain weight the fat goes every where evenly. If my chest goes 31in my waist is 24 and my hips are 31. Right now 32 – 25-32 I am only 4’11 and have no clue what my body type is. When I look in the mirror have curves, in the midsection, but I am so kinda…

  9. Hi, thank you for the quick reply !! I am sorry for bugging, but I have another question. I am more on the lean side, so I looked into that curvy body workout…and I realized that it is training the arms and legs, not really the stomach. I am thin and I want to train my stomach, but am very scared that I lose my curvy waist line. Should I just focus on the Abs and leave the sides alone ?? Thank you for reading this !!

  10. If you are thick in build then these exercises will tone the sides if you are lean, you may want to try our Curvy Body workout instead.

  11. Hi. I have a question. I have recognized that some exercises I used to do made my curves on the side go away and left my waist looking boy-ish…Are these exercises really not gonna make my waist line go straight down on the sides???

  12. i need to know if this workout is gonna slim down my curves . i have curves already but i dont wanna lose them . does this workout help me GAIN bigger curves are slim them down ?

  13. Almost forgot to thank you for your kindness 🙂 I kept at it and am happy to say my back’s gotten a lot better, although sometimes I wonder what sorcery Kelli’s doing and how exactly she’s doing it. She’s a beast! Anyway thanks so much for the videos, you guys motivated me to start working out again after months of idleness. Needless to say I subscribed

  14. Thank you so much for your videos! They’ve helped me tremendously. My family has noticed pretty big differences in a matter of weeks. I feel great too! It’s indescribable!

  15. You cannot spot reduce. You need to use cardio, total body strength training, and healthy eating. Mix and match our workout videos for best results.

  16. hi, i am very fat and really wanna reduce weight.. i have pregnancy fat stagnated on my abs and hips. i really need to reduce the fat around my hips.. wot exercise would u suggest me?? and can i do it everyday?? can i follow this exercisr??

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