Fitness Fanatic Gorges On Monstrous 4000 Calorie Junk Food Meals

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BEEFCAKE Blake Horton has a body to die for – despite spending his evenings gorging on giant 4,000 calorie portions of pizza, burgers and banana splits. While most fitness fanatics stick to steamed chicken and broccoli, Blake, from Paramus, New Jersey, has carved out a huge online following with his late-night eating videos which feature him devouring his gigantic junk food meals. His culinary creations include everything from enormous pizzas covered in Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles, to vast banana splits and whole trays of burgers and tacos. The 34-year-old intermittent faster funnels all his daily calories into a solitary meal each day, which he live streams to his 163,000 followers on Instagram at 2am each night – finishing each live cast by proudly showing off his ‘food baby’ and slapping his swollen belly. And Blake admits that his mad meals allow him a chance to indulge in the kind of ‘midnight feasts’ that he dreamt about as a child.

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20 thoughts on “Fitness Fanatic Gorges On Monstrous 4000 Calorie Junk Food Meals

  1. For those guys who think this is unhealthy. It's called intermittent fasting. Where u fast 16 hours to 20 hours then start eating at the 4 hour window. Go read about it.

  2. lol just shows how uneducated people are about eating. He is doing the IIFYM style with intermittent fasting. Not to mention with the amount he works out 4000 is a pretty good amount for gaining muscle

  3. there's cheat meals and then there's unhealthy, I mean Its like that disorder where you constantly eat and even when your full

  4. He got too be carful he don't bust his stomach. This is actually very very very dangerous at his size!!!

  5. Saving up your calories and then 'using them up' in one go, late at night, is EXACTLY what i did in the depths of my eating disorder. I aint saying he has one, but it sure is suspicious…

  6. Listen here you freaks. Your body doesn't care how many meals you eat, when you eat and things like that. As long as you take your calorie intake you can eat 1 or 10 meals a day. The reason why he's not getting weight is because this is his maintanance level (4000 calories). Not because he's exercising or something like that. Of course he needs a lot of calories to maintain his weight, he's very active and he's weight training.that he can burn those 4000 calories. Of course, he can make healthier choices, but it's his life and he can do whatever he wants. As for you, you stupid vegans, start eating some real food you bches. The human body needs all nutrients: proteins, carbs and fats. You restricting your bodies of important sources. You can't only eat fruits, veggies and grains, even if it's whole and unprocessed food, you need a variety of macro and micronutrients in your diets.

  7. Why not? What matters is he is not obese! Its bad for him but atleast his happy eating whatever he wants! He is not gonna die miserable!

  8. says he's carefully managing his diet so that he gets all the nutrients he needs … before eating a "mean" of two giant McGriddles.

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