Fitness motivation – The Aesthetic Era, here to stay

Amazing, multi talented, aesthetic BMR Sports Nutrition Athlete Martin Heede aiming to become world champion. He all ready have a 6:th place in Fitness World Championships and 5:th place in Men`s Physique European Championships. And he wont stop until he reached the top. Brought to you See more Martin Heede here

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20 Responses to Fitness motivation – The Aesthetic Era, here to stay

  1. مايس Mmais I says:


  2. Kacper Jedrzejewski says:

    Would love to have that body ☹️😂

  3. Der Lungone says:

    what kind of massive gayness is this shit?

  4. The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Informer says:

    Great, thank you for this informative video.

  5. Amit Rawat says:

    Which song is played in background and where can I download it.

  6. Mama Lemon says:

    wth put their supplements on top of their bed shelves?

  7. Hercules says:

    1:11 music name pls

  8. Febby Jr says:

    charming nice body

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  10. chouf maghrib says:

    arlond chwazingar

  11. Chiara Petrachi says:


  12. Moaath kick boxing says:

    See last video in my page the title of video (best kick in kick boxing)

  13. TaRiK HamSiK says:


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