FITNESS Q&A | My Transformation, Healthy Snacks, Flat Stomach Tips

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What I Ate Today | Healthy Meal Ideas :

Waist Training / Corset Training:

Flawless Skin Foundation Routine :

Kim Kardashian Inspired Lookbook:

Kylie Jenner Inspired Hair:

Fitness & Weight Loss Motivation :

How to get a Flat Stomach Fast:

How to get Healthy & Shiny Hair:

How to Grow a Butt | Booty Workout :

Lower Abs Workout, Swiss Ball Exercises :


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20 thoughts on “FITNESS Q&A | My Transformation, Healthy Snacks, Flat Stomach Tips

  1. Every single question I have ever had was just answered. I had no desire to fast forward, very positive , very motivating!   Favorite channel on the planet

  2. if you speed the video up to 1.5 you can barely tell that she's not american…. I wouldn't have even noticed until she said kg.

  3. When i got started i used Brazilian butt lift too. But then it gave me the most annoying cartilage and knee problems! But that wont stop me.

  4. Love this video! I'm sort of similar, I've never been overweight, only like bloated or slightly chubby from my food babies. I'm thin but totally out of shape, I have no muscle and no definition at all. I definitely want to get back in shape and this motivates me!

  5. She's so perfect & her body omg… She gives me motivation and she doesn't drown herself in sweat for hours every single day

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