Fitness Tip of the Day #1 w/ Kelly Brown “GetFitWithKB”

Fitness Tip of the Day #1 w/ Kelly Brown

Here is a Segment from your Health & Fitness Specialist Kelly “GetFitWithKB” Brown that I would like to call “FITNESS TIPS OF THE DAY”. I’ll be posting these short clips regularly to keep you all motivated throughout your individual journeys. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Tip of the Day #1 w/ Kelly Brown “GetFitWithKB”

  1. Nice traps, do you work them directly ? Please make a video on before and after transformation video. How long did it take you to get this body ?

  2. Does it work if I'm a morning gym goer? Cuz the first things i used to take are egg whites and oats as my preworkout. Can i try this lemon water before that?

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