25 thoughts on “Foods That Help With Weight Loss

  1. I have a question about fruits and weight loss. Is it true that you’re not
    supposed to eat fruit after 6pm if you want to lose weight? I get cravings
    late at night and instead of reaching for a cookie or candy I grab grapes
    or an orange or any fruit I have around. Is that bad? I’m trying to lose my
    last 10 pounds (already lost 56) but I’m stock and a friend said that it
    was because I eat fruits at night. Thanks for your help and great video as

  2. Hello, so I’ve lost 30 lbs and I am not close to my goal weight.
    At the moment I’ve seen to reach a Plateau, can you make a video on how to
    break it, please!

  3. cheese? meat? milk? eggs? while you’re getting protein, you’re
    simultaneously getting unnecessary hormones, animal fat and cancer
    causing chemicals…
    and people need to stop thinking that carbs are the enemy!!! 

  4. I just started going to the gym again and I usually go quite late so I get
    home around 11:30 pm-ish . And then usually I am sooooo hungry! should I
    eat something even though it’s so late ? And if yes – what should I eat?

  5. I LOVE how you added that people should make sure their meat and dairy
    comes from animals who have been treaded well! And great video, thanks! 🙂 

  6. Hey Brett, I am 5’6″ and I am 128 lbs. I usually gain a little bit of
    weight in the winter and am looking to shed it off healthily. Goal is to be
    the smallest and healthiest for my frame. I drink a lot of water, am
    vegetarian, don’t care for sweets and cut out a lot of dairy. My down
    fall/weakness is carbs, ex: bread and pasta. Are there any tips you could
    give me to lose 5-8 pounds as healthily and quickly as possible? Really
    struggling. Thanks so much for your efforts and videos! You were made for
    this it seems. x

  7. So helpful, and I TOTALLY agree with you on the importance of well raised
    and organic animal products! Thanks for highlighting that

  8. Brett could you do a video on Flexible Dieting? What are your thoughts on
    it? I recently started and am loving it. I eat very healthy alongside it,
    not all junk. But I do have more treats than I did before (just in

  9. Hi Brett I have a question, I havent eaten meat since I was a little kid &
    I’m 20 going on 21 & I am part Mexican so I like my deep fried and greasy
    foods I have cut back though but I’ve tried being full on a plant based and
    fruit diet and I never felt full or satisfied I even had anemia for some
    time but here’s the tricky part I am over weight only in my mid-section.
    Sorry..my question is what specific healthy food do you think could fill me
    up so I won’t crave my basic Mexican foods? Thanks!! BTW this video made me
    hungry so I’m going to go food shopping for all of this hehe!!

  10. Brett have you heard of PB2 powdered peanut butter? If so what’s you
    thoughts on it because I do use it a couple times a week. I like to add it
    to smoothies and chia seed pudding 

  11. My boyfriend hunts deer and eats it once caught and fixed by a butcher.
    Since they live out in the wild, is it considered grass fed (i’m guessing
    so but i want to be sure).

  12. Iam a visual learner so the white board deffinetly got my brain
    going,hopefully i can put my eating habits on the right track.great video!

    A NOTCH SERIOUSLY. (If you are on the east coast, the least expensive place
    to find it, is at Shoprite) If only your health food store carries it? Buy
    it! It’s worth the spend. The boxed stuff? You won’t want again. If you
    aren’t eating Red Meat? Splurge. This Califia Almond Milk is so incredibly
    delicious. Don’t buy just one. You will want to see how you feel and how
    good this stuff is, right out of the bottle. Incredible and most people
    have never had a fresh almond milk without the work that goes into making
    it yourself. To die for!! A must try for replacing milk. (Bye Bye Boxed
    Stuff) I buy 4 at a time. You can’t always get it. CALIFIA the brand is
    based out of California. Yes. I’m a huge fan. Enjoy!!!

  14. Omg really good video but the whole time I was staring at your shirt. I
    love it! Where did you get it? #Obsessed

  15. Hey Brett! The more I watch your videos, the more I enjoy them. They
    actually make it feel enjoyable to take care of yourself well, which is one
    of the biggest challenges for me. Just throwing it out there: I would
    really like to see a future vid from you about how vegetarians can get an
    adequate amount of daily protein…. and how much protein the body actually
    needs? I feel like its become a trend to be protein-obsessed and idk how
    much truth is actually behind that. I would hate to be depriving my body of
    the protein it needs by living the lifestyle I’ve chosen! PS the wipe off
    board rocks. It helps follow along and make my own lists! Screw anyone who
    complains–this is your style!

  16. Brett, what are your thoughts on the all protein diet? Eating only meat to
    lose weight? The Atkins diet. Do you feel that is a safe diet? Thank you so
    much for this video. I love your channel. And Carli is my favorite makeup
    guru. Much love to you both, Paula.

  17. Since i found your in mid January I am closing in on 30 lbs just following
    your video. I have done all diet in Ireland there is at them for months
    and I couldn’t lose 5 lbs. THANK YOU

  18. can you talk about protein powder? for that you use? why you need? can i
    use if i dont go to gym? powder gave you energy?

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