Guru Mann trains you and trains with you to gain muscle size during his 6 week SIZE GAIN WORKOUT PROGRAM – “Muscle Size 5*5”.
You can achieve your desired body goals with this “SIZE GAIN WORKOUT PROGRAM – Muscle Size 5*5”

Download the MUSCLE SIZE 5X5 Nutrition Plan –

Download the MUSCLE SIZE 5X5 Workout Plan –

Guru Mann will tell you about body recovery and nutritional tips to follow as well.


1. Barbell Press Behind Neck – 5×5
2. Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 5×5
3. Dumbbell Side Raise -5×5
4. Dumbbell Front Raise – 5×5
5. Barbell Shrugs – 5×5


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20 thoughts on “Friday : SHOULDERS WORKOUT | “MUSCLE SIZE 5×5” PROGRAM by Guru Mann

  1. kya shoulder ki excrisie se height ki growth rukh jaati hai ya nhi..
    or kis âge pe humari hieght ki growth ruk jaati hai…

  2. What if i follow the same program,but with a little modification ( 3 Super sets , 8 rips) then it will work or not?? … In this program weight is increase for each set while in super set weight is decrease.. so this inverse changes will work for me using this program??

  3. stop using your hips to generate momentum that allows you to lift more in the lateral raises instead if you really want to do some """proper""" cheat sets drive the momentum with the shoulders muscles at least you'll be targeting just the upper body (and maybe front deltoid) with hips help you're just swinging those dumbells

  4. U r the best maan saab……fan ho gya me to …tuhda jehra explain kran da way hai oh best hai ek ek chiz smjh ajandi hai jo me hun tk wrong krda c

  5. sir just wanna ask you i am 25 yrs of age gained weight a lot in last 4yrs and itis still increasing i thought it will stop but its not…from 55 to 75kg in 4 yrs so please suggest me the programs should i go with because finnaly i am serious and going to reduce it any how…there is lot of fat reducing programs …confused????

  6. guru mann I am follow your workout …….but in gym there is no cardio machine…not yet by cycle what I do….for doing in cardio

  7. Salam bhai g

    Apka programe bohat acha ha
    Ap mere teacher ho kun k mn apko dkh kr hi game krta hu
    Thanks you sir allah pak apko jaza de aamen

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