Full Body Superset Workout | Scott Mathison

Full Body Superset Workout | Scott Mathison

Crunched for time? Performix athlete Scott Mathison shows how to hit every major muscle group in this stepped-up, full body superset workout.
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We’d all love a couple of free hours in our daily schedule to complete a weight workout, but for some of us, that’s not an option. Being short on time doesn’t mean you have to settle for inferior results, however. Performix athlete Scott Mathison designed this workout for home trainers or anyone who wants the benefits of a resistance workout without missing their next appointment or class.

“This workout consists of nine exercises that hits each of the major muscle groups,” says Mathison. “Four of the exercises are multijoint movements, which engage more of the body’s musculature than single-joint movements. Multijoint movements such as squats, dumbbell bench presses, pull-ups, and military presses allow you to push heavier loads than single-joint movements, which in turn has a greater effect not only on building muscle but also burning more calories.”

Mathison’s approach divides the exercises into groups called supersets, in which you do two exercises back to back with no rest in between, and giant sets, by linking three movements in similar fashion. “By using the same equipment, the workout cuts down on the length of your training session while elevating your heart rate,” he says.

To determine the load that’s right for you, Mathison recommends using a weight where you can complete 10 reps but not 11. If you can, adjust the load accordingly.

You’ll repeat each superset and giant set for two rounds, resting 1-2 minutes only after you complete all exercises in each grouping before jumping into the next.

“Of course, you can load more weight on a bar and/or increase the number of reps you complete if you sacrifice good form, but doing so diminishes the focus on the target muscles and increases your risk of injury,” he adds. If you don’t know how to do a movement correctly, click on it, and you’ll see a video and step-by-step tutorial.

Given that this is a low-volume workout, it’s a good idea to do it several times a week.


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  2. Joe Stewart-Paul says:

    Thank you Scott. This is great.

  3. rahul chawla says:

    Desi dumbles, i likes it.

  4. Jayesh Das says:

    Do I have to do it like a circuit wise or partly I.e like chest , arms & legs ?

  5. Hector Garcia-Martinez says:

    When do you rest and for how long?

  6. Hey Dude! says:

    so spornosexual…

  7. REJOLO says:

    I already know all these excercises, but I'm still watching this cuz he's cute. 😉

  8. ram kiran says:

    Hi Scott. Can you please make a video how you achieved that body. I want to have exactly the same like you do. Please include diet and workouts. Please dude.

  9. Teong Jihperng says:

    Can I do superset for every muscle group??? Like bench press with dumbell fly

  10. Victor Botes says:

    Dropping the weights is inconsiderate to other people in the gym – respect the tools of the trade!

  11. Aphex51 says:

    A 4 minute video. So refreshing…. Thank you.

  12. Raphael Vino says:

    What have to eat 🍽??

  13. Oliver Lopez says:


  14. Ajay Ram says:

    Best best and best I do all time full body workout. This is great workout

  15. Chrisdent619 says:

    Not a big fan on skull crushers

  16. Faraz A says:

    How many sets?

  17. Will Parsons says:

    Great video… I've been using dumbbells (10# & 15# ) Bcause of an accident that caused a loss of muscle in the right arm around the elbow area, I am only able to use 10# on that arm and 15# on the other. I am also unable (currently) to do chin ups or dips. Any suggestion(s) on how I can substitute the chin ups/dips for now? Thanks in advance!

  18. Albin Raju says:

    Can superset workouts do in every week ,like chest and back,etc..

  19. IMDOC78 says:

    I would squat first

  20. Fitness motivation says:


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