FULL DAY OF EATING Building Muscle While Staying Lean (CLEAN BULK)

FULL DAY OF EATING Building Muscle While Staying Lean (CLEAN BULK)

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20 thoughts on “FULL DAY OF EATING Building Muscle While Staying Lean (CLEAN BULK)

  1. How do you calculate the calories of that burrito you ate? Isn’t it hard cause you didn’t make it so there could be stuff they added that makes more calories total?

  2. I just started a lean bulk and plan to do for an entire year! Lean bulk
    is the best way to go! Minimal fat gain and you can maximize muscle
    growth over a longer period. Also have a weekly series on my channel
    covering my lean bulk! Love the meals in this video Brandon!

  3. So…..high carb (banana's, rice crispys, tortillas, white rice, sweet potatoes, rice cakes ) low-fat (chicken breast, 5% fat ground been, hake….is that a fish or something) is what this kid is promoting right? Is this video from 1997????? My insulin levels are spiking just looking at this video!!!! Check out Jason Wittrock's channel. He's not as boring as antiquated with his diet info. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOfJHaFLpfbi87xPoAa_NbQ

  4. Helo bro can u plz advice me while bulking Wht is the best way to keep belly fat or over all fat low because while bulk fat increases aswell ?

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