Full Day of Eating TO GAIN Weight!

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20 thoughts on “Full Day of Eating TO GAIN Weight!

  1. Looking #BEASTLY

    EXCELLENT fitness and nutrition video!!!

    I know this may not mean that much to you and Juan but I am so proud of both of you I literally do not have words!

    Keep killin it!!!

  2. Eating that many full eggs is very very bad. Eat no more than 2 full eggs. Eating only egg whites is better for health

  3. Nice but the 6 eggs a lot for breakfast put 3 whole eggs and 3 whites bcuz the yellow part of the egg contains collesterole whatever sorry for english

  4. nice video – but this triceps pushdowns fuck that shit – messed up my elbow and couldnt train for 4 weaks until it healed up – calisthenics is for me the way to go now

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