Full day of low carb, high fat ketogenic eating

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6 thoughts on “Full day of low carb, high fat ketogenic eating

  1. Thanks for the video! I really enjoy the information. I am going to start the steak and eggs soon, is it safe to drink raw eggs? If so I am on board, I love simplicity, just hear a lot of conflicting info. On the subject. Thanks

  2. Thumbs up for the little roach walking around while he's explaining how to make the shake. ???
    Great videos though. Have been helping be a lot.

  3. I'm loving your channel mate i been on a paleo diet for 9 years now , my body thrives on a high fat diet, keep the videos coming ?

  4. Just stumbled on your channel and subscribed yesterday man! So far bro have watched almost all of them due the to my fascination of the keto diet ! Keep up the progress bro!

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