Get Fit QUICK! 10 Minute Total Body Tone Up | At Home Workout, Fitness Sculpting Exercises

Dani Nicole leads a quick & intense HIIT workout routine to tone the legs, arms, abs & butt!
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Album: Chill Away

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20 Responses to Get Fit QUICK! 10 Minute Total Body Tone Up | At Home Workout, Fitness Sculpting Exercises

  1. Acorn Tree says:

    Id like to be the mat…

  2. tristin clapp says:

    Nice body.

  3. jwilliaful says:

    Great video. Next time though can you announce when to stop and start each exercise every time? Pretty please.

  4. Ricardo Niño says:

    Dani you are a strong woman, like!!!

  5. Alexis Kraus says:

    Omg, that was horribly intense! I can't do the dive bombers in proper form, I was going much more slowly that Dani while doing the jump lunges, and then my legs were still burning and tingling throughout the reverse crunches! I needed some sort of low intensity move or stretch between rounds.

  6. Affi Girl says:

    Plz plz plz share some working height increasing exercises for increase height really I need this so Badly 😢😔

  7. Yellow Rose says:

    She's like a body builder. Too masculine for me. But I respect her dedication.

  8. michael mcgee says:

    u are very sexy with a lovely in shape body. your hair is so nice. lol i like how u are very strict about your health. keep up the good work.

  9. John Marshmallow says:

    Real women spoted ..rare these days 😀

  10. 16bitFishing says:

    Instagram thots could not hang with this girl. She’s a bamf!

  11. Divyani Mane says:

    Can i doing this in evening?

  12. Sequency says:

    I also hate jump lunges

  13. Valdevino Gomes says:


  14. Mason Hayworth says:

    I wouldn’t last 5 min in bed with this girl

  15. thisisbob1001 says:

    Can I move to Texas? Lol from the UK!

  16. Esfix Macz says:

    Dani has the body of the goddess Athena

  17. nopochki says:

    i need a sandwich and nap after this video

  18. Sagi K. says:

    I love this girl <3

  19. blackice214 says:

    Sound is great

  20. Busie Hadebe says:

    Great combination!

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