25 thoughts on “Girl Cures Brain Cancer with Raw Food Diet

  1. This kind of “news” is terribly dangerous to people.
    Please, if you actually suffer of a kind of cancer or serious illness,
    consult and put yourself in the hands of proper healthcare professionals. A
    healthy diet will help you in many ways, but it will not make you magically
    impervious to illness.

  2. This gives me hope for my dog Penny, who has just been diagnosed with a
    brain tumour. It’s heartbreaking. Having just got in to veganism for my
    psoriasis, I have adapted some of the diet for my canine. Who knows, but
    it’s nice to at least dream that I can help her get rid of it. 

  3. Maybe brain cancer is different but my Sister-in-law had breast cancer 15
    years ago, did the surgery, chemo thing and followed with 7 years of raw
    food diet until she discovered the cancer had returned. She decided to
    have the chemo, since she still had children at home. Having young
    children can change how you look at things.

  4. Awesome! I’m doing the raw food diet for 21 days, but plan on continuing
    it after this challenge, at least for two meals a day or most days a week.
    I feel amazing too just after doing it for 8 days now and I never really
    felt like exercising either, but now I have so much energy I want to get
    out and do stuff! It works within a few days doing that. I lost about
    five pounds already too in this time! This diet is so worth it. I never
    thought I’d be at the stage I’m at now as I grew up on fast food and slim
    jims, loving meat and cheese mostly in my diet. But it is not good for us,
    the animals, or the environment. So go raw, go organic, go vegan! We can
    change the world by just doing this.

  5. Depression is not healing it is just awful and is to be destroyed! Disagree
    with that hint, IF that was hinted (misunderstood?). Anyway whatever –
    excellent video thank you.

  6. I was so touched by this young lady I’m in tears. I’m battling obesity and
    heavy depression and I agree with what she said about depression. Tonight I
    believe God spoke in my spirit to tells the answer is in going raw
    I love chicken but it doesn’t love me. Its time to change. God bless this
    young lady

  7. Interesting young woman. I particularly like her take on depression, quite
    apart from the presence of mind that led her to stand back, take stock and
    do her own research. A brave and intelligent response to a seemingly
    hopeless situation.

  8. I am not cured – yet – but I feel so much better and stronger when I stick
    to being vegan – I started trying to be vegan in August 2013 – after the
    first couple of weeks I found it gets easier and easier to do. As time goes
    on the positive effect on how being vegan makes me feel is almost
    addictive! Then when I start to eat animal proteins and products again I
    can feel the negative effect on my wellbeing within hours. It sounds
    extreme but it’s absolutely true. I shared this feeling with my oncologist
    and he confirmed this is not only possible but probable too. 

  9. Know what you eat ! Check this video too about what types of raw vegetables
    and fruit fight cancer cells : https: //www. youtube. com/watch?v
    Thumbs up !

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