Global Health's Modern Problems

Each new decade brings about great advances in modern medicine. But they also bring unique problems that cannot be solved in the lab. Public health scientist Michael Osterholm compares it to a swimmer trying to travel upstream. Growing world populations, unstable governments, and a new low in vaccine usage due to a growing anti-science sentiment are all issues that need to be addressed, lest progress be taken away by the current.

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Original Program Date: June 2, 2012

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4 Responses to Global Health's Modern Problems

  1. Wajahat Shah says:

    must listen lecture about "Health Challenges in Modern life" | Prof Dr anwar Ul hassan on my you tube Channel

  2. Lah Cee says:

    cant help but notice his shiny skin..

  3. will yurek says:

    Is the entire talk posted or what?
    I'd like to watch the whole talk

  4. Granitt87 says:

    I would say its an trust issue. The pharmaceutical companies have abused their trust, the doctors as well, so no wonder. More money is used for advertisement and lobbying that R&D. Doctors sell out and the system is crumbling at its core. I do not disbelieve science or the work behind it but, me, like many other's in the western world can see that this is a money game….
    This is my thoughts on it, and that is what people tell me when the "pandemics" and other stuff gets announced. 

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