Health and Fitness – GCSE Physical Education (PE) Revision

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Fitness does not just apply to your sports related activities. Your general health is also incorporated into your fitness and it is important to try and maintain the both of them. Although by looking after one you do tend to contribute at least a little to the other. This section is going to show you the differences between your Health-Fitness and Skill-Fitness.

Health-Fitness or Skill-Fitness
Fitness related to your health applies more to everyday tasks and appearance. If you look after these then you should be healthy and developed in the following properties:
Relatively strong cardiovascular endurance: meaning your muscles are able to get enough oxygen to work efficiently.
Muscular strength: strong enough to pull, push and lift things in normal life.
Flexibility: this is how much you can rotate, pull or push your joints without injury.
Body Composition: You fit a healthy appearance. This does not mean you appear athletic but you are not too fat and not too thin.

Skill based fitness levels are attributes that you will develop through playing a sport or engaging in an activity at a high level. To have developed some of these you would also need a high level of Health-Fitness

GCSE Physical Education (PE) Revision:
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