Healthy Meal Prep for Beginners | What I Eat!

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18 thoughts on “Healthy Meal Prep for Beginners | What I Eat!

  1. Hey girl I just found your channel and this is everything I'm ever looking for in one channel!!! Fitness, style, makeup, and you have the same hair texture as me. This video was so helpful. I love your energy!

  2. your video helped me A Lot!

    most of the videos don't show breakfast , lunch and dinner. thank you ❤

    quick question when you get home from the gym you drink your protein shake and eat dinner as well??

  3. you're so funny lol! i love how easy it is to make these foods and i agree with u @ the YouTubers that make those fancy meal preps lmao.

  4. Zahria, I legit wan't to marry and start a family with you baby. I'm a Life Path 11, You're a Life Path 4. If you don't know about numerology(Life-Path Numbers) essentially what i'm saying is our personalities are a perfect match for each-others, 11's are most compatible with 4's and 4 are most compatible with 11's. Kanye(LP11)-KimKardashian(LP4) / DwayneWade(LP11)-GabrielleUnion(LP4).

  5. Hi i just have one good question for you i just wanted to know how long did it take you to get your subscribers because i want to start my channel on the first of august and i just want to know that im going
    need some help please

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