High Protein Builds More Muscle and Increases Fat Loss

When considering protein intake (not to mention any number of other topics), don’t just trust one source of information. What I mean is, look at the research, but don’t just take every protein study at face value, because so many of them contradict each other. As a scientist, I’ve learned how to interpret data, taking into account the physical state of the subjects (ie, trained versus untrained), the type of training program followed during the experiment, and a host of other important details and limitations in a given study.

In addition to the research, consider actual results you’ve experienced personally as well as results achieved by others. So many “experts” in this field won’t take any results seriously unless they’re published in peer-reviewed journals. Trust me, I like the journals. I subscribe to them, I’ve been published in them and I’ll continue to support them. But when I bump my personal protein intake from 1 gram per pound per day up to 1.5 grams per pound per day and see great results in size, strength and fat loss, I take that into account. And when I get the exact same feedback from hundreds of thousands of individuals bumping up their protein the same way and getting bigger, stronger and leaner as well, I’m sold.

In the case of high protein diets, specifically 1.5 grams per pound daily, the debate is over. Research proves it works, and so do the results we see every day by hard-training individuals following this recommendation.

Taking in 1.5 grams not only works better than 1 gram for building size, but it also helps burn more fat. Case closed.

19 thoughts on “High Protein Builds More Muscle and Increases Fat Loss

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  3. 1.5 per gram of protein is a lot. I am 12 stone that is 168 pounds x 1.5 = 252 grams of protein!! Really difficult to get that much in a day.

  4. Jim stoppani, i am on my 5th year of lifting. i started 4 years ago on November 17th on your starting strength program. i am 72kgs from 50kgs, i am much stronger than other people at my body weight in most comercial and university gyms, something i noticed after doing your 3 month starting strength, newbie gainz yes, but it was an amazing 3 staged program and now, while looking for info on gainz, i coincidentaly find you again here. ou are hilarius in the video idk why XD but the information is quality and i agree that 1g/pound is the bare minimum. I am tracking my macros and calories on a lean bulk and i am taking 1.4-1.5g of protien easily (only 1 shake used a day) on training days (6 days a week) and have experienced strength gainz and muscle gainz. maybe not leaness as i am in a HIGH surplus. Thank you again mr stoppani

  5. I had been curious because my friend had lost weight and I wished to know how. That they suggested that I google “sowo amazing plan”. As soon as I listened to their guidance, I lost 14 and a half lbs.

  6. I actually took the guidance of a good friend and researched “lyly amazing guide” on Google. It may be the best diet program I’ve ever before seen and gives immediate results to users. We have already dropped 13 lbs in less than the first week.

  7. Any chance you'd reproduce this experiment over a longer period using techniques and exercises you'd suggest?

  8. You mention that this is an "obese" group. How about testing normal people that don't have losing fat as a goal or are of normal range BMI. This is misinformation saying high protein does indeed build muscle. Furthermore, those "gains" are a result of newbie gains.

  9. My nephew is underweight but trying to gain serious muscle by weight training. Would he be able to use this same approach as an underweight individual? My concerns for him are: getting leaner when he's already underweight as it is. Does this approach still work for those underweight trying to gain weight?

  10. Reduction in body fat percentage huh. Simply say anything with statistical percentage doesn't prove the point here, its only the ratio of muscle and fat. You can get ever greater result on obese subject. Oh take sedantry subject on strict regimen for statement, done by a university and jumped to conclusion. Netherless promoting protein over consumption out of no where.

  11. but they were obese man. when you start a program that intensive ad a beginner you're going to recomp. for most experienced natural lifters it would be brutally difficult to build lea mass without being in a slight surplus.

  12. post the link to the study you supplement selling phoney.  Plus the study was done for beginners, they gain muscle way more easily and lose body fat compared to others

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