25 thoughts on “High Protein LADOO Recipe | Health and Fitness Tips | Guru Mann

  1. Hey guru it is amazin recipe! !! Thanx for it…I want to ask u that how
    much it is beneficial to take cornflakes with milk in morning
    diet???????…is it good or not..

  2. Agar whey protein ki jagah boost ya bournvita add krte h to kya tab bhi
    protein ki quantity 35 gram hi rhegi???

  3. Amazing guru you are too good ever I really happy to subscribe your channel
    keep it up god blessssssssssss u 

  4. Nw this ladoo is helpful in case u have to tell some good news to your
    fitness friend… Bhai ek aur laddo lele.. dost bhi khush aur aap bhi khush

  5. hey is creatine good to take..i mean does it works…plz reply
    and here in india i m using dymatize whey but its very costly so can u
    suggest ne protein which is in budget and also good…??

  6. mast sexy ladka hai, iske laddoo to main zaroor khaoonga, iske neeche jo
    two laddoo hain main woh bhi khane ke liye tayyar hun.

  7. bhai ek no kaam kar rahe ho aap goro ki vaat laga denge aap indian muscle
    revolution on youtube guruji salute

  8. bro…jst wanted to say “keep up the good work” got to know a lot of stuff
    about building lean muscles…..thanks a ton……jst want to request you
    to upload a complete weight gain workout and diet plan for hard
    gainers(skinny guys) as all the video on youtube concentrates on people who
    want to shred and burn fat…….jst a request…..lookin forward to many
    more videos….way to go buddy….

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