How Do I Tone Using a Treadmill?

How Do I Tone Using a Treadmill?

How Do I Tone Using a Treadmill?. Part of the series: Using Gym Equipment. Treadmills are known for cardio, but they can also be applied to toning your body. Build muscle tone in your legs with help from a certified exercise trainer in this free video. Read more:

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17 Responses to How Do I Tone Using a Treadmill?

  1. Gary Richardson says:

    I just stick to a steady/fast walking pace on an incline and do for about 45 minutes. I have bad legs through breaking them when younger so running is tough. I sweat bucketloads doing this routine anyways and do it daily

  2. Gary Richardson says:

    Lauren is 🤟🤪

  3. Ukko says:

    Please prove that intervals burn 9 times more body fat than steady state cardio.

  4. Roberto Marsach Jr says:

    I know what website I'm going to navigate to after watching this.

  5. Brayan Avonza says:

    I wanna pound those cheeks 😍🤤😂

  6. Rhonda Panabaker says:

    Can you do this everyday?

  7. Rhonda Panabaker says:

    How often can you do this per week?

  8. VarshiiTV says:

    I’ve been doing this for the past year or so… start walking at 2 mi/hr and after a minute go to 4 mi/hr, after a minute come back to 2.5 mi/hr (4 is my max walking speed) and then 4.5 mi/hr and so on, I do this for 20 minutes and reach a max run of 9 mi/hr

  9. Randy Flannigon says:

    And how long do we want to do this for

  10. KabzHD says:

    It’s not interval training it’s fartlek

  11. Brian Sutherland says:

    Is walking 3.5 for 5 mins then run 7.5 5 mins back and forth okay for 3-4 times a week

  12. Song says:

    Try do 2-3 miles each time. If you split it 3-4 days so you can aim for 10miles each week.

  13. Moon Child says:

    How long do you do this for….

  14. ESP DTX says:

    How long do you do it for??? 4 hours? 4 minutes?

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  16. Nina Shafon says:

    Awesome, gonna try it.

  17. Alan Ismail says:

    Great info … Lauren is Hot by the way !!!

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