How I Eat Healthy as a College Student!

Some advice and tips on how I manage eating healthy while in college that I hope you may find useful! Follow me on Instagram:

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Love, Iris Rose
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20 thoughts on “How I Eat Healthy as a College Student!

  1. i am on a budget and I am in college rn as a freshman. if you have anytips on grocery shopping/eating healthy on a budget in college plz do a vid about it!

  2. +Iris Rose  I really liked this one. And yeah, we want your dinner recipes!
    I Love how you keep it simple and your vids are always so motivating yet gentle.
    Thank you for making them!

  3. Hi Iris!=D Really love your videos! Those advices are really great and works very well too! And I am a uni student in Malaysia and we are not allowed to cook in our dorm…and the food in our canteen are all typical asian food (which are quite oily for your information LOL)..can I have your advices on how to eat healthy under these conditions?

    Thanks a lot!=D

  4. Recipe for the saute egg!!!
    I made the oat pancakes, it tasted absolutely delicious, so looking forward to the new recipe 🙂
    Btw thanks for inputting the amazing sharing into my healthy life.

  5. Good video 🙂
    U could've been more precise, i don't blame u though, u're not a nutritionist.
    U have improved but u still somehow seem uncomfortable to me, or maybe it's just ur personality that is shy.
    My final exams (bac) are in two months, can we get a video, on how to prep for that, espcially if u stress a lot about them?
    My comments on ur vids are always long, but it's because i want u to improve 😀 Good luck :D

  6. Can you start to try weekly videos please cause I'm getting kinda bored with just one video a month and I know people have exams and I know it's hard for you but can you try to make at least 3 videos a month lease

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