HOW I LOST 15 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK | Lose weight fast Diet Journey

HOW I LOST 15 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK | Lose weight fast Diet Journey



This video has been highly requested on Instagram, so here it is! Follow me on my one week how to lose weight fast diet journey! I lost around 10-15Lbs without any exercise. To give you a back story, I work best in stressful, timely environments so; a crazy one week crash diet just works best for me. Afterwards I’m able to start and actual normal diet with ease.
I’ve been tweaking and perfecting this diet over many years now as a model that eats like a pig and then has an unexpected photo shoot in a week. Yes, there are many risks with crash diets which is why I’ve spent time making adjustments to mine.

**I am NO health expert or nutritionist; this is just what I do, please be sure to do research before starting any lose weight fast diets. I hope you enjoyed by diet Vlog


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20 Responses to HOW I LOST 15 POUNDS IN ONE WEEK | Lose weight fast Diet Journey

  1. Sundai Love says:

    My Detailed Diet Plan eBook will be launching this month so stay tuned! December 2018!

  2. Mali Burek says:

    Step 1: fotoshop

  3. Kpop Potato says:

    1:45 honey, i have 6 rows of that on me. im THICC

  4. Crazy Psycho says:

    I’m doing the seafood diet

    I see food and I eat it. Simpleeeee

  5. Ronaldo Ascencio says:

    I weight 112 that what the docter says I'm just here because I love your vibs and I'm 10

  6. Nutella Heard says:

    I’m 13 and I think the best way to lose weight when u are 13 is talk to your mum and she will help u

  7. Jade Crane says:

    Guess what. I just turned down a rese's king size bar… Im so proud

  8. Medina Mojo says:

    Im the ramen king then. I eat ramen everyday….like 3 times a day

  9. Bella大丈夫です。 says:

    1 like= 10 jumping jacks

    i might get ripped or -5 lbs. will become +5 lbs. lmao

  10. Taebae Turnsup says:

    I ain’t trying to be the only one wearing a T-shirt at the pool party so I’ll just get my period I guess😉😔

  11. Sh00k says:

    Girl u ain't overweight I have rolls all the time and thick ass thighs and chubby all around

  12. Olivia Pate says:

    i need to gain muscle but lose weight 😅

  13. Alis Brias says:

    She is a doll😍

  14. Jae'lyn Diaz says:

    When your Hispanic you have no way out. You will just not make it. My Grandma is currently here and I can’t take it!! She makes me eat. She goes crazy when I don’t eat she’ll sit me there and tell me to eat😩

  15. Safa Shabrak says:

    You are soooo cute

  16. M3 Lemon says:

    Can I just say how beautiful you are like sis I wanna see you inr and hug you

  17. BTSKOOKIE 21 says:

    My goal : eating food that's in my lunchbox and avoid going to the cafeteria.

    Yo i sometimes hate cafeterias cause, they always sell shakes, ice cream, chips, and many more.😥😥

  18. Sara Maassen-Johansen says:

    I’m here 1 week before summer break lmao

  19. Archana Kumari says:

    U r sooo beautiful yr

  20. With Grace says:

    Weirdly I was addicted to ramen to 😅😭😺

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