How I Lost 170 Pounds with a Keto / Low Carb Diet!

Hey Folks!

I just wanted to make an introductory video summarizing my experience with the Ketogenic (keto) diet and the low carb lifestyle. I have lost 170 pounds in 2 years and now I weigh 150!

If you have any questions or requests for videos about the diet, let me know in the comments!!!

Best of luck in your weight loss journey! -Ally

20 thoughts on “How I Lost 170 Pounds with a Keto / Low Carb Diet!

  1. I see it said here already, but keto is not about calories in calories out. Look up Dr. Jason Fung speech about the two compartment problem to get a better understanding of why keto works. Fung recommends fasting, but keto is sort of like fasting in the sense of insulin being the big bad fat boogeyman. Regardless, this girl looks great and Keto is an awesome lifestyle.

  2. I really really enjoyed listening to you. What a pleasant inspiration you are!! And what a mental n emotional diversion you are for anyone trying to lose that much weight." Sooo proud of you. Such a respectable clean-mouthed young lady!! May you continue to b successful!! I am 64 but I don't think I like keto I prefer the intermittent fasting approach bec I don't want to figure out ketos and I feel I need to eat for a certain period then stop. IF helps me realize that after a certain period u must cut off eating. It's hard bec I really hvnt been consistent yet!! But the desire is there just so unmotivated but after listening to u n seeing how much weight u hv lost I feel I need to get serious bec life is such a blessing a beautiful gift from r creator so I need to act like I love it n appreciate it! I am 175lbs 5'8 overweight but I am working on my first 100lbs so I will keep at it bec of ppl like u. Thx again!!

  3. I heard that with Keto, loose skin is not an issue. Do you find that to be true?….update. I see you made a video on loose skin. Going to watch it now. Thanks.

  4. I think that was one of the most authentic and down to earth testimonials I think i've ever seen. Thumbs up for you. This was VERY inspirational.

  5. You have a lovely demeanor and I'm so happy for your success! Here's a really short video that addresses why calories in/out is a myth. This Dr has made a few videos on that topic. He's to the point and it's helpful info, kind of a joyful discovery really, so hopefully you will enjoy this

  6. I am so glad to hear about your success. I am trying to get my hubby and i onto a keto diet. Where would u recommend online to start? The macros is confusing me

  7. Do you have any regrets? If you had to go back & start this process again, would you do anything different? Congrats for sticking with it & reaching your goal.:)

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