How Many Calories Per Day To Lose Weight

How many calories per day to lose weight. How many calories does a person use through Basal Metabolic Rate, Thermic Effect of Food and Daily Activity? How can we determine our numbers for our goals?
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20 Responses to How Many Calories Per Day To Lose Weight

  1. Kyle Borgailo says:

    Paul always has the best information. Straight to the point and keeps it out of the weeds.

  2. k8tglynn says:

    If you've been in a deficit and lost weight, what is the best way to determine your new maintenance calories for a diet break for example?

  3. Gary Michael Flanagan says:

    Hi Paul! It looks like you described me pretty well in macros in this video. Can you simply tell me if your 150 pound person with 170 carbs (for fat loss), 50g fat was referring to someone who does weights 4-5 days a week, and cardio 35-45 minutes a day? Do you think I would need more than 170 carbs if I am this active? Or keep them this low to shred. Thanks.


  4. Zenytram Searom says:

    i use at least 2000kcal watching this shake cam

  5. brian bodnar says:

    What's your thoughts on the in body scan?

  6. Mohamed Benallal says:

    my Rest Metabolic Rate is 1542 and lifestyle 463. is 1800 Kcal ideal to lose fat ?

  7. Julie Albert says:

    Paul, I agree but I’d add that consistency is key. I can eat the same and workout the same for months and not lose a pound and then all the sudden lose 2-3. Thoughts?

  8. 1ALPHA GAMER says:

    I just started like 4 weeks I am going 5 to 6 times in a week to the gym for 2 hours I burn about I would say 600 calories. Because I also make my upper body stronger by lifting weight. Now if I lose about 600 calories and my body needs 3000 to maintain my size but I only eat 1500 that's half am I doing a good job?. Because I am a teenager and weigh 220 pounds or 100 kg pleas help me?

  9. bennet alex says:

    He looked better before losing weight

  10. Heroze on the 3rd day says:

    I'm about 257lbs trying to get lean and mean lol. I also want to build more muscle.. I'm assuming my protein should be 250 and then bring down my carbs and fats?? I'm also 6'3, what would you recommend??

  11. wynne baker says:

    Great video man!

  12. Md says:

    Like and subscribe 💯

  13. Md says:

    Thank you so much! too helpful

  14. Kristina Zielinski says:

    I noticed you said 1 gram per lb of body weight, yet I've heard 1 gram per lb of LBM? Which is correct?

  15. 1queenruler says:

    Great video thank you! Do you have one on slow muscle gain and weight gain for women at a low weight?
    Enjoying my new beginnings with your team! 💕👸🏼

  16. Sheer GriT Fitness says:

    How did you determine the jump down from your initial carbohydrate number to the deficit number?

  17. NiyaKnows says:

    Soooooooooooo Happy the intro music is back!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. rawirihemi27 says:

    Paul, I find you incredibly logical with this stuff. I’ve done comps previously and have tried and failed at finding a Balance outside of dieting for a Comp. Basically just went from chubby to be shredded and back to chubby again.I would say I look probably 5-10kg heavier than you do on your before pic. A lot shorter than you though, @5”11-6”.

    I’ve tried the fasting as I thought the same regarding the parameters would help me, it did help that way but not with weight loss at all and didn’t drop any weight at all, gained some even!!!!!! Couldn’t agree more with you here regarding what you said. I don’t even know where to start now realistically to drop bodyfat.

    Do you still take clients on? I don’t have any social media (Facebook, insta) what is your email please?

    From a desperate lifetime natty bodybuilder trying to find some balance 🙏🏻😓🦍

    P.S have decent shredded pics to prove it 😏

  19. Rodney Price says:

    I think that eating around 2k calories a day is sufficient, but eating cleaner may be a problem. Paul your information as always is top notch. Learn what I do to lose weight here

  20. Emily Harris says:

    Hey Paul! Have you done a video about girls who think lifting will make them bulky? I feel like you have but i can’t find it.

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