How Many Calories You Need to Eat to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight Quickly. Most people believe that the fewer calories you consume, the more pounds you lose. Hate to break it to you, but there’s a lot more to weight loss than that! We’re about to explore exactly how many calories you need to consume based on your personal situation so that you can finally get rid of excess weight once and for all. Follow these simple but effective tips to lose weight in no time and get the body of your dreams.

How many calories you can consume 1:09
How to figure out your perfect calories intake 3:09
How to determine your activity factor 4:19
How big should your caloric deficit be 6:11
How to burn energy faster 8:34


-The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans advises men to consume 2,500 calories a day, while that number for women is 2,000. The number drops to 1,600 after they turn 51 years old. Little kids should take in about 1,500 a day, while adolescents require a lot more, especially boys.
-To figure out your perfect calories intake, you can use an online calorie calculator; any search engine will offer you a number of options to choose from. Or you can use the Harris-Benedict equation.
-Your activity throughout the day: sedentary, light, moderate, very active, or extreme, defines your activity factor.
-If you wanna lose weight, try to create a caloric deficit; this will set the wheels in motion. It depends on the amount of exercise you get and in what way you get it; your diet, and your individual metabolism.
-To burn energy faster, eat a breakfast full of protein and healthy fats. Have your meals at the same time. Include slow-burning calories in your diet. Feel free to spoil yourself with a treat from time to time.

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20 Responses to How Many Calories You Need to Eat to Lose Weight

  1. BRIGHT SIDE says:

    Hey guys! What physical activities do you enjoy doing?

  2. Michael Мunro says:

    Click bait

  3. kk ko says:

    900 calories a day I'm 13

  4. Rob Johnson says:

    I lost 100 pounds in150 days all I did was cut calories

  5. SuPeRioR Kid says:

    I count in the middle of the day and work out at night also make sure i eat my meals, and eat around 600 max cal in snacks or if not at all.

  6. Theorem Zaw says:

    I don’t have abs at day 14… help.

  7. Xo mmanst says:

    Pft gender in 2019? Smh lolol jk

  8. un known says:

    2+2 is 4 -1 THAT'S 3 quick mafs

  9. iiParadox_Ghost ii says:

    I need to consume 1,897 calories per day 🙂

  10. Vivek Rai says:

    i spend more than 1-2 hour in gym and eat two times rice with vegetable a day since i am asian. am i in correct track of loosing weight?

  11. kalsoom sheikh says:

    Thanks a lot bright side lv from Pakistan

  12. Pranjal das says:

    My Bmr=1683.54944

  13. Faduma Hassan says:


  14. Austin 42100 says:

    Too much math

  15. Champion7581 says:

    2:58 ive been loosing weight only being able to eat 1100 calories a day 200 for breakfadt 400 for lunch 500 for dinner it hasnt been a problem was originally 105 lost 10kg in a month now im at 85kg no health problems at all so im not so sure about that one bud

  16. Shivam Vevo says:

    I take 2000 calories per day still obese

  17. Titisasa2820 says:

    I was eating 2000 calories or more per day this winter. All of my teen years, I only ate one big meal per day because I wasnt hungry at all most of the times. This winter when I started eating more (3 to 4 meals per day) I was always hungry I could eat a lot at 4pm and at 7pm I was starving. I gained at least 15 pounds (i was at 105lbs-110lbs in summer 2018, this winter 122lbs-125lbs was my highest) (Im 154cm) so I decided that I wanted to lose weight for the summer. I tried the keto diet for 2 days and I couldnt make it. It was too hard for me to not have my favorite food. So, I tried cutting calories. In the last week, I ate maximum 1300 calories per day (some days I only eat 600-800cals) and I'm at 115 already! My stomach is flat and I'm not bloated at all! At first it was hard but my body got used to it after 2 days and I dont have cravings at all now. Im barely hungry when I eat. That is the best thing that I tried so far to lose weight.

  18. Karina Breyer says:

    What are Adolescents

  19. arnia surny says:

    I was finally able to lose 45 pounds in just 90 days and all I did was this secret 2 minute weight loss workout daily. if your interested, check out the video I learned it from here

  20. Skorpija BG says:

    I was finally able to lose 35 LBS in just 47 days and honestly, all I did was this secret 2 minute weight loss workout daily. if your interested, this is where I learned it at

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