How Sugary Diets Are Destroying Our Immune Systems

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25 thoughts on “How Sugary Diets Are Destroying Our Immune Systems

  1. I agree sugar is not good for us at all, but at the same time I am not so
    sure on this point of everyone being much healthier before. The further in
    time you go back in history, the lower the life expectancy. Just 100 years
    ago it was 45.

  2. Would have been great to get a list of the bacteria in the hunter
    gatherer’s mouth. Probiotics are the key to curing everything.

  3. every one please realize they are speaking of refined sugars not natural
    plant sugars like Stevie or any glucose that is in fruit natural sugar
    glucose is what your body runs on and it doesn’t destroy your teeth its the
    acid in candyand pop and foods that ruin the teeth wake up people eat fruit

  4. You are not going to tell me that a person from medieval times is healthier
    than someone living in the 21st century. Sure we eat more sugar and carbs
    now and have different bacteria than them, but we also live 70-80 years
    compared to 30-40 years in medieval times. This story has a lot of flaws. 

  5. The so called “simpler” way of life is undoubtedly the best way of life for
    every single aspect of human existence. 

  6. I have never considered the potential correlation between mental illness
    and bacteria. Especially the potential correlation between Cesarian section
    and the lack of the bacteria that is naturally given to babies when born
    via the birth canal. That is striking to me as I was born nearly two months
    premature via a Cesarian and also suffer from depression and a learning
    disability. Perhaps I am committing the “correlation equals causation”
    fallacy if accepting this as a fact. Yet the theory is an intriguing line
    of thought nonetheless.

  7. Maybe brushing our teeth with modern toothpastes is the problem? Cows don’t
    do that, and neither did our ancestors.
    It kills ALL bacteria, so also the “good” ones.

  8. People feed themselves trash and expect they should be fit and trim…and
    instead are the most obese humans the earth has never seen…and then also
    feed their own children the same trash and wonder why their kids have
    health and intelligence issues???

  9. Depression i another one.Rather than pills it might be treated with doses
    of bacteria.

    Oh dont let the pharma-corps listen to this 🙂
    They promise that their products will solve your problems!! For the right

  10. We have lots of sugar taste buds. Our saliva begins the process
    of digesting starch. We are designed to eat sugar. It is better to eat
    that sugar in whole food that is bound up with fiber. Our bodies run on
    sugar as well as our brains. If you eat properly ripe fruit is does
    not harm your teeth, but if you are worried about that rinse your mouth
    with clean water. If you drink enough clean unchlorinated water, your
    mouth will naturally shed a lot of plaque. If you eat a whole food, low
    fat, high carb, plant based diet. Your gut will be lined with the proper
    flora for optimum health. There are many factors in past human history
    that is missing here. Those hunter, gatherers actually ate a mostly plant
    based diet. People used to drink mead, wine, ale etc,. pretty much
    anything but water. Human health started to decline as soon as we started
    eating more animal products and now today we in Western society eat more
    animal products than ever and look at the incredible ill health.
    Processed, fatty food plays an important part too. 

  11. before i jump on the ” i unquestioningly believe this cause it looked
    *sciency*”, i wanna know – who says? in “they think/claim/have found
    evidence etc” who is they? what respected science journals are the claims
    linked to? i want more than a single uni microbiologist. for heavens sakes,
    there is not a single bit of info in descrip – and the ref number links to
    a forum where a whole other lot of ppl are thanking and backslapping each
    other over this stunning science find. The piece might sound good, and feel
    right and all, but i dont believe much i see on tv or screen, and sure as
    hell not without refs, and triple sure aint gonna get into a debate over a
    claim with as much veracity as that for the existence of witches or
    hologram planes or somesuch horseshit

  12. you are what u eat, it’s a no-brainer!! …….change what u eat, eat
    healthy then that will change the bacteria in your gut!!!

  13. Conventional medicine and dentistry is a mass murder, mass torture death
    care racket. It depends what foods you get your sugar from. Sugar is acidic
    and depletes alkali minerals from the body. Some fruit and whole cane sugar
    are high in alkali minerals. Silica is the most important mineral for
    re-mineralization (oatstraw/horsetail). Whole grains are rich in minerals.

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