How The Perfect Diet & Workout Routine Kills Your Progress

How The Perfect Diet & Workout Routine Kills Your Progress

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Progression is the essence of what brings you results. Ironically, trying to eat or workout perfectly all the time can actually impede progress because keeping things correct all the time is actually a state of stagnation rather than progression. it’s better to be imperfect and make progress over time than to try to do things perfectly right all the time.
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18 thoughts on “How The Perfect Diet & Workout Routine Kills Your Progress

  1. True it's better to do just 2 sets of one exercise and as much as 6/7 another tho it largely depends on intensity and how much I'm progressing in a particular exercise I've developed this "feeling" to better myself same with eating and sleepScience is great but sometimes people can't study everyone and everyone is different for one person 5 sets per workout maybe enough (assuming they're taken to failure ) for someone else 15 maybe not enough (I'm talking about naturals) so take everything with a grain of salt and do what works for you and helps you achieve your goals

  2. Very interesting. How important is warm up and cool down.Also, I heard some people say that mobility exercises is for warm up and stretching is for cool down. I am kind of confused which one is for what (or to ditch them completely?).

    One more thing. I Just do bodyweight exercises. I workout for 6 days a week and I could allot only 1/2 hour in the morning because I am working full time now. Anyways, Is it harmful to do full body workout everyday?.


  3. Well how long should we progress more? I've been workout for 6 months and I just progress by adding 1 more rep every set and every workout. I do 4 days upper body with tricep split(1day pull up and chin up,the next day bench dips and pull up) the other 3 days I do 1 day focused abs 1 day oblique and 1 day and n oblique.

  4. depends. some times "trainers" are worried that people will stop working out if its "too routine"Ā 
    But people like me NEVER HAVE BURNED OUT and in my heyday I was very strict except after tournaments etc so for me I didnt worry about burning out

    B/C sometimes your goals are such that there is no other way to achieve it w/o strict adherence to the puzzle pieces that make/made that goal possibleĀ 

    Now that I am way past that timeframe,, I have loosened up my diet and workout program

    I mean, to each their own for sure

    excellent video and subjects you are delving into

  5. So do you need to still have a perfect pushup before you move onto another type of pushup or should you keep progressing? Just curious since I know you focus so much on form and technique. I've regressed almost all of my movements after watching your videos because I realized my strength wasn't up to par with the progression I was it.

  6. you are so right, this year i focused on working hard and being consistent, i did that, but i forgot progression, so i gained very little strength & muscle, im still proud of my discipline though, this next year im gonna keep a log and aim to be better every workout. thanx for keeping it real Matt!

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