How to Eat & Exercise Correctly According to Your Body Type (Ecto, Meso, Endo)

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You’re probably watching this video because you would want to know your body type and how you should exercise and eat correctly in order to achieve the best results for your body. We are all created different but just as beautiful.

I’ve created this video to be as detailed as possible for you to understand the 3 body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.
With the right workout and meal plan according to our body type, we can all achieve our fitness goals!

Watch this video to learn more about the:
– Characteristics of all the body types
– Example of celebrities
– Typical fitness goal
– Suggested food intake
– Suggested portion sizes
– Important nutrition tips
– Recommended exercise programme
– Types of exercises to focus on
– Frequency & duration of workout sessions
– Video links for more details

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20 thoughts on “How to Eat & Exercise Correctly According to Your Body Type (Ecto, Meso, Endo)

  1. The mesomorph body type info is right on target for me…great information for me to apply. Thank you!

  2. hye Joanna i have Endomorph type of body and most of my fats are on my belly.what should i do?for now i have cut down the intake of rice.what else must i do?need your advice pls

  3. This video is awesome Joanna ! . I didn't realise that I was an Endomorphe. I know now why my brother is not getting body weight, because he is an ectomorph. He eats more then me but does not get FAT.

    I know now how to plan my daily food and eating method and training. I hope it will help me to boost my metabolism and loose a big amount of fat.

    You are explaining very good !

  4. i'm an endomorph and i gain fat pretty easily. But the probleme is i love to eat carbs.What should i do?And what are healty dense fats?

  5. I used to be Ecto until I hit 30 and started to turn into jiggly jello blob. I can't get rid of fat no matter what. I don't eat, or I eat regular meals 6 times a day. try 2000 calories, 1600, 1000, even 500 a day with only gaining weight. I don't know what to do.

  6. I`m an ectomorph. I like it because I can eat whatever I like, but it sucks because I struggle with putting on some muscle despite lifting weights. 🙁
    I guess everything has its good and bad sides.

  7. So the goal for ectomorph is to get more calorie in food?
    Is that the reason why a higher % of nutrient is to be gain from carbohydrate?

  8. Thank for the info. It is nice if I have ectomorph body type T_T. I am not pretty sure about my exact body type but maybe it is a mix of mesomorph & endomorph. I don't like to eat rice so I seldom eat that or just eat in small portion when I have to. Regardless that I am still gaining weight. I took a year for me to loose weight and gain it back. Due to my work lifestyle, after 2 years, I am gaining lower body fat and around the stomach. Quite depress about it.

  9. I'd say I'm an Endomorph but I don't relate to any of those people, I'm not as curvy. Just shoulders the same width as my hips and a tiny waist. I'm so???

  10. Ohh I'm endomorph body type, I'm 36 years old, height 157, and weight of 170 pounds, I really need help, How can I start? Sorry by my bad english, I apologize about it.

  11. Hi there! I am a mesomorph woman. I work out a lot and I am gaining more muscle mass than I want on my legs. I alternate everyday from strength training and cardio/HIIT. I am thinking that I should only do my strength training workouts on the upper body. The problem is that most cardio workouts online use squat jumps, lungs, etc. Because I gain muscle mass on my thighs very quickly, how should I plan my workouts?

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