How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

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20 thoughts on “How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

  1. I tried eating healthy. When I bought food for the next week I was very proud. However healthy stuff doesnt go too far. I ended up not having a thing in the fridge but hey, I got pretty ripped.

  2. Good job brother!!! I am so pleased to see this. I will definitely try and implement some of these ideas into my new grocery shopping hauls. Thanks for the guidance.

  3. Hey man, nice video. I'm trying to turn my life around for the better right now and a 1 main part of that is by changing by eating routine and diet. I've been eating microwave burritos, hot pockets, noodles and eggs for a while now and it's really showing its effects on me now. I'm getting some stretch marks and I'm not proud of that at all. I've read online that it's impossible to remove stretch marks once you get them and that really got me down. But I'm learning to accept that I lead myself into that situation and now the best I can do is learn how to move on and not treat my body so terribly anymore. plus man I need to get a chick too lol. maybe a better or healthier version of me can have more opportunities to land a good looking girl hahaha

    All jokes aside though, I appreciate you taking your time to show us what you can do with under $50 to get a healthy meal at home. I'm going to start eating healthier foods now and not microwave meals or instant noodles. thanks for walking us through!

  4. not even 2 minutes in and steady slinging pseudo scientific buzzwords like "detox".
    why is it so hard to find people who promote health while not promoting BS?

  5. ?This was fine, a good start…but I / you could do sooo much better than this. You can have way more "good & healthy" food than that.

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