How to Eat Healthy on a SMALL Budget || Tips for College Students, Professionals & Families

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20 thoughts on “How to Eat Healthy on a SMALL Budget || Tips for College Students, Professionals & Families

  1. The cheapest store for me is Aldi and international stores (including Spanish stores). Never goes wrong. I do shop monthly with a detailed meal plan and grocery list. I set aside an hour to work on it.

  2. There is zero need for dead flesh of tortured animals, pus filled dairy and chicken periods in your diet. None of that is healthy. Go vegan. Better for you, the planet and you save innocent animals from being cruelly tortured, raped and killed. You do not need as much protein as you think. Beans, TVP (textured vegetable protein) and even greens have ample protein.

  3. Tip: Find out if your grocery store comps competitor prices. I know that Wal-Marts in North TX do and I go to one store once every two weeks to get everything I'm looking for. Sometimes you don't even need the add because if the competitor store is within 5 miles then they will take your word on it but I always bring my ads just in case.

    OH… and Some Albertsons will give you 10% off your total basket it you wear a jersey on Sunday. In my area it has to be a Cowboys jersey.

  4. Thank you so much +BeautifulBrown BabyDoll you sumd it up for me I would definitely enjoy weekly or bi weekly videos of you healthy meals your such and inspirational women I went from watching you hair videos now I'm hooked in you healthy meals choices please help a young sista out I'm struggling with choices and I see you have some of my face like hummus and tilapia on you menu yes yes yes more vids like this please and thank you xoxo Baltimore, Maryland 

  5. Farmer Market are the best place for really fresh fruits and veggies. Also if you live in cattle country, go to some of your local rancher and ask for some of their fresher meats, maybe the are about to slaughter another animal (i know that sounds horrible)but to make room for the new meats they may need to rid themselves of older meat and will give it to you for a really good price. I have a neighbor whose family owns a cattle ranch and i can get some of the best ground beef when they are ready to slaughter. So when ever possible i purchase locally grown meats and veggies.

  6. I'm a recent college graduate and I understand the struggle of balling on a budget. For healthy budget-friendly options I like to shop at my WalMart and local farmers market. I get my fruits, veggies and eggs from the farmers market and my snacks and stuff from Walmart

  7. I meant to comment before. Walmart and a few stores actually pay companies to just switch the label. Walmart yogurt is yoplait. So its worth trying store brands. Some are just awful, but Walmart and Krogers do have name brand with their label. Sneaky.

  8. Hi BBB,

    I buy from BJ's wholesale store in bulk the things I use a lot of like diced tomatoes I eat 3 oz with my breakfast, canned salmon, canned tuna, canned evaporated milk and when you mix with equal parts water makes fresh whole milk product( read label ), I buy as much vegetables as I can in can by bulk like asparagus, carrots, Collid greens, string beans (green beans), zucchini, Brussels sprouts, etc.

    I get the vegetables in can as back up to always have except spinach in the can, I absolutely don't like how that taste.

    Then I buy fresh to freeze and frozen on sale. A deep freezer is good to have when you buy in bulk.

    My mom even taught me how to portion out and freeze green peppers and other vegetables for later use.

    So that's how I keep things to eat for my diet and family. Because it's difficult to diet when you run out of the things you need or want and canned or frozen and buying in bulk saves money and time. And essential items are always in your house.

  9. HEB is the best in my area. Vegans protein is hard when you don't want to eat nuts all the time. Can you suggest a protein for someone who doesn't eat any meat or seafood? Thanks!

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