How can you relieve pain and heal your herniated disc? After the initial healing and rest process, its time to get back in shape and get movement and mobility in your spine and hips. But also strengthen your core and low back since it is probably the reason you got hurt in the first place. A weak low back and then the presence of overloading and other movements can result in this injury. DO NOT GET SURGERY to fuse your vertabrae together. This is costly, dangerous, and you will lose flexibility in your back. And you may still feel pain after as well. While getting stronger don’t forget to visit the chiropractor to keep you inline while strengthening your low back. If you are out of position and keep lifting you could start building muscle imbalances. Start slow and light and increase the weight. Good luck, you can do it!

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  1. MOnster Goldberg says:

    How many month they recover my injury 😥 halp of deadlift and sqades

  2. MOnster Goldberg says:

    Hello sir I am from India my slip disk before 3 year 😭😭 and continue some pain on my lower back 🙏🙏🙏dead lift and sqades for suitable for and they can halp to recover my injury 😭

  3. Francis Major says:

    Doing what this guy is doing is a recipe for disaster after disc herniation. The risk of reoccurrence is too high.

  4. Solona Armstrong says:

    Are you nuts?! These exercises are exactly what you shouldn't do with a bulging or herniated disc.

  5. T. Mason says:

    Start with the bar at pockets for your snatch and use your calfs n traps… Accelerate the bar without hinging at the hip and finish the pull n go under…this will put 50 lbs on your snatch

  6. Cliff Garrett says:

    Is this a sick joke. For people with real back problems know this is not possible. Back squatting after a disk herniation lmao!!! Good luck bud.

  7. Ryan Morgan says:

    FYI people I recently read a pubmed article stating that 60-80% of Olympic athletes tested at a recent games displayed disc abnormalities such as herniated disks. Your athletic lives is not doom yet. Bare in mid these people are genetic specimens and highly motivated to recover and perform !

  8. Ryan Morgan says:

    Hi Sir, could you please shed some light on the initial injury, Diagnosis and rehab? i.e. How it was caused, symptoms, MRI Results (which disks/Nerves, size/position of protrusion/extrusion) when you knew it was the right time to begin these movements.

  9. Richard Lim says:

    i herniated my back during a squat in 2014. I added too much weight too soon. My advice is to add weights in small increments. I went from 275 to 315lb squats way too soon. Thats what injured me. My back rounded and I heard a pop. My back wasn't ready for that weight. I didn't get surgery and I took the pain for months. Couldn't even move my left toe or sit. Now, I am so much more knowledgeable and I am stronger than ever. All my pain is gone. Please listen when I say practice great form and understand your physique.

  10. Calen Meeks says:

    If u ever injured your spine u need to find new workout routines . DO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE!

  11. Тодор Лалев says:

    Hello there sir! Im happy to find out that this bad thing didnt make you give up on your dreams. Do you know any old men strength trainees with injuries such as yours. How do they feel at old age now? I have also joint injury but am too much afraid to continue fully on considering the fact what my upcoming old years might feel like. Thank you for the inspiration.

  12. Sha H says:

    Hi RykerDane, sorry for the hassle again. Did you begin your training regime after you disc was healed or while you still had the disc bulge ? Also if you dont mind to share what type of exercises did your physio get you to do.
    Reason why im asking is that i been to many physios and chiros and wasted lots of money yet they dont seem to know what they are doing. Still facing restriction to train at the gym. Some days i have no pain at all or very mild and sometimes i get pain down the buttock and ham right down behind the knees which switches sides.

  13. Sha H says:

    RykerDane, much appreciated for your quick response.

  14. Sha H says:

    Hi rykerdane , ould you please post the sequence, sts and repetitions of the exercises. you have performed in this video? Regards

  15. James Smith says:

    Most of these movements are to be avoided during disc herniation. What he's doing is accelerating disc degeneration even if he's ok for now. Disc bulges are exacerbated by holding weight above your shoulders. Think about it. It's compressing the spine, squashing discs so any slight rounding or over extending of the spine can easily result in a herniation. It is wholly irresponsible to post a video like this.

    Stick to single leg exercises, on body weight first. Hyper extensions, split squats, lunges, single leg deadlifts with a KB, pistol squats. At a push, once you improve you can move on to goblet squats but cleans, back squats, military press – do at your own risk.

  16. Mirza Mulalic says:

    Well done!

  17. SHAKTI THAKUR says:

    This video is pretty old! Are u still doing gud!? I mean again any injury or treatment?? Plz tell me!

  18. Tim Allen is a scumbag says:

    So I may not be a doctor OR ANYWHERE CLOSE to one for that matter, but I do work in physical therapy and it's in my opinion that squats (over time) will accelerate disk degeneration. excessive mechanical load increases the  expression of matrix metalloproteinases which will break down the collagen in the annulus fibrosus. Even more importantly, it's flat out irresponsible for the poster to say:"DO NOT GET SURGERY to fuse your vertabrae together. This is costly, dangerous, and you will lose flexibility in your back. And you may still feel pain after as well."An evaluation with an orthopedist is important. take their word over the video poster at any cost. If your disk prolapse is so severe that you run the risk of becoming paralyzed or losing control over bowel and bladder function A SURGERY MAY BE YOUR SAFEST OPTION! No one can say with certainty (as the maker of this video did) that spinal fusion will not relieve pain.

  19. severejoseph100 says:

    Guys the risk of reherniation is too big, DONT DO THIS after recovering from a herniated disc. this guy does not know what he is doing or he is lying. Trust me do your research.

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