How to Meal Prep for Beginners | Step by Step WEIGHT LOSS DIET GUIDE ➟Best Meal Plan for Cutting Fat

Learn how to meal prep for beginners with this step by step weight loss meal plan. This is the best cutting diet guide for fast fat loss.

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What’s up guys in today’s video I’m going to show you the easiest fastest options 4 meal prep 4 burning fat and building lean muscle. This video is great for beginners that are learning how to prep healthy meals. And this video is great for people that are just short on time and want simple fast meal prep options. I’ll show you exactly how to meal prep in a way in which you don’t have to count calories or whip out the food scale. And this isn’t going to be some crazy six meal a day type plan just your regular breakfast lunch and dinner. If you’re looking for a beginners guide to meal prep with a full day of eating included this is it. This is the best weight loss meal prep plan for shredding fat and it’s appropriate for almost any cutting diet.

5 Egg Whites
1 whole egg
1 medium red and green pepper
1 tomato
Pico de gallo
Ezekiel bread wraps
Goat cheese 1tbsp

Chicken breast 6 oz
Sweet potato 1.5 cups
Broccoli – 1 fist

Stuffed pepper
Asparagus – 1fist
6oz ground turkey
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20 thoughts on “How to Meal Prep for Beginners | Step by Step WEIGHT LOSS DIET GUIDE ➟Best Meal Plan for Cutting Fat

  1. Any one tested out the Fenoboci Diet Plan (search on google)? We've heard many awesome things about this popular weight loss system.

  2. Another quick tip on microwaving your sweet potatos…put each one in a Ziploc bag and leave the bag open while cooking in the microwave….this will keep the potatos from drying out…great video!

  3. ?SMH dude you should wash your veggies off first regardless if they IN a bag and claims to be already washed and soak meats like chicken or beef IN a salt water solution or lemon or vinager water solution for at least 20 to 30 minutes to get the extra blood and germs out!

  4. You are super DUPER awesome! Keep up the amazing work and sharing healthy meals to enhance our lifestyle journey. I was becoming bored with my meal preps and needed a change. GET OUT OF MY HEAD HEHEHEHE! Thanks again.

  5. I'm does the lunch meal have 64 grams of carbs in total? There is 41 grams of carbs in 1 cup of sweet potato and about 6 grams of carbs in brocolli totalling up to 47 grams of carbs and of course chicken breast has no carbs

  6. Hey Man I was just wondering if it's a good idea to to use a sports/energy drink when going to the gym, not to help with fat burning but to help with having more energy for lifting and to help improve performance, so my question is would it be a good idea to use a sports/energy drink when going to the gym ?

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