How to Start an Exercise Plan

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25 thoughts on “How to Start an Exercise Plan

  1. I started up this crazy daily workout regimen and in 2 days, i quit doing
    it. My therapist and I discussed exactly what you are talking about in this
    video. Now I go for my hikes without even stressing out about it. Thank you
    once again for the gentle reminder Tim. Love your videos as always, keep

  2. Very good thoughts Tim. I have a special needs left knee though.Injured on
    a 3 mile run about 20 years ago.Had to give up running and my favorite
    pastime biking.Sometimes my work is arobic and really don’t need exercise
    but other times I really need it. Short strenuous exercise is the best
    for my kneasels so I do sprints for 6o seconds..I get bored though and quit
    the program. I’m going to use music in the future to help get me going.
    Putting music on makes me want to move.Might try break dancing.

  3. I used to be a smoker, and one day I did exactly what you said. I threw
    away the cigs and started running. I feel ten times better! It’s simple,
    get good shoes, and get your ass outside running! No fancy bullshit needed
    (diet is needed though). Great advice Tim.

  4. I dig your videos, Tim. The music in this one is nice but sometimes it
    overpowered your voice, maybe consider bringing the volume of the music
    down. I’m living in Thailand now but I miss running on the snowy trails in
    Ontario! So beautiful.

  5. Such a very beautiful place. I miss the snow and the deciduous trees and
    how pretty it all looks with snow covered trees. Your new name should be

    Vlad Van Orden

  6. +Running Raw I really enjoy watching your YouTube videos and I wanna thank
    you for your great work. I wish you all the best!!! Have a nice evening (or
    day? Here in Germany it’s evening) !

  7. Perfect timing, needed that message today. As soon as i make some big plan,
    I fail right off the bat. Beautiful landscape by the way. I love how snow
    makes everything silent and peaceful. Although I’m kind of missing the
    summer birds right now 🙂 

  8. hi Tim,did my 1 St marathon this year with a programme…and yes it rules
    your life,it was great to help guide me in the right direction but now I am
    planning on doing another..a different garmin ,no plan ..go out and
    get fit and enjoy the ride without the stress…not saying I won’t put the
    time in that would be silly…going to mix up my training.hills,speed long
    runs..and kinda make it all up..

  9. Hi Tim, good stuff. Good to see you’re doing well 🙂 Small bit of
    constructive feedback – I would drop the volume or mute the ambient music
    for your speaking. The music works really well for the intro. It’s fun that
    you’re playing around with editing your videos 🙂 

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