I Got A Personal Trainer For 30 Days

“Why can’t we do something I like… like naps or brunch?”

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Brynn Langford
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20 Responses to I Got A Personal Trainer For 30 Days

  1. Joe Black says:

    the only thing that burns calories at rest is muscle … make it , Hypertrophy .

  2. YoutubeFanatic says:

    2:57 hearing her saying cardio just makes me think of aubrey saying "Amy what are you doing?" Fat Amy "Horizontal Running" (Pitch Perfect Quote)

  3. 1234 1234 says:

    You know who is beautiful? Read the first word. You don’t need to change, your perfect

  4. Thot Patrol says:

    Ngl she cute

  5. Brennan Bowyer says:

    People have different metabolisms, people have different hormones. For some people it is simply more difficult to lose or put on weight. Sorry, that’s just they way life is, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible and it doesn’t mean that it’s someone else’s fault. Regardless of genetics, your lifestyle is the reason you look the way you do. 🤷‍♂️

  6. Brennan Bowyer says:

    When fat people say that they’re healthy, I think of this video…

    Since this is a buzzfeed video Ik I’ll get blasted.

  7. Plants in Abundance NYC says:

    I have the biggest crush on her ☺️ she’s so gorgeous and I love her personality and confidence!

  8. Snake_XIX says:

    is this a dude?

  9. Dejan Milenkovski says:

    Is jazz wearing a dress

  10. Caitlinmorrisxx says:

    Her confidence is absolutely astonishing, fair play!

  11. 再见你好 says:

    I want a personal trainer, I like exercising but I need someone to tell me to do it

  12. Allyson Casey says:

    “I feel great about my body”
    (wears t-shirt saying “flaming pile of garbage)

  13. TheOnlyMarioBro says:

    Are we not going to talk about how is Jasmynes protein is….

  14. Nikki Gold says:

    I think a lot of healthcare problems could be solved if everyone had access to a therapist/mental health counselor and a personal trainer

  15. Ayu Thakur says:

    This shows Beautiful people also have insecurities! ♥️

  16. Regan LeRoy says:

    I LOVE that dress on Jazz, it is STUNNING. 💗😍

  17. Joyce Li says:

    she talks about loving herself so much sometimes self-care becomes excuses LOL just do something and commit dang it
    you can almost hear in her voice that she doesnt fully love herself yet

  18. sxs311 says:

    @ 3:23 – is no one else cringing at how her boobs are moving around, esp during cardio?! I only say this bc having a proper supportive sports bra is SO important, and just by watching her I can feel the discomfort from having your boobs move like that when you jump up and down!!! 😖😖

  19. Dino-Isadora says:

    "You didnt puke, so thats something" – Trainer of the year XD

  20. Ammar Hussain says:

    Wish i can afford a personal trainer 😢

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