I Worked Out Like A Fitness Guru For 6 Weeks

“I’m already out of breath.” Watch Farrah try Kayla Itsine’s workout for 6 weeks!

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20 Responses to I Worked Out Like A Fitness Guru For 6 Weeks

  1. Derpy Derpstein says:

    I tried a leg workout of hers lol im ded

  2. Megan Branch says:

    I use PIIT Pocket app from YouTuber Cassey Ho (Blogilates) I 10/10 recommend! You can pay for extras but don't have to!

  3. JamieRose Wilson says:

    I appreciate this video however I wish someone a little bigger and more out of shape perhaps someone who's how they c-section in has a fupa can try this out

  4. Moppen says:

    Just came home from a workout outside and I can tell you that I ain't that healthy…

  5. Molly P says:

    This girl clearly isn't articulate with all these freaking jump cuts at the beginning

  6. Hannah Wynne says:

    The cuts on this video were atrocious. We are capable of looking at her face from one angle for more than 2 seconds

  7. Chelsea says:

    Chobani yogurt is soooo good and smooth it's actually my favorite yogurt

  8. Chelsea says:

    I have salt issues too I love freezer foods, tacos, cheeseburgers, spaghetti and some canned food

  9. Riley Nicole says:

    Remember cheating is a key part in the diet

  10. Maddie O'Dwyer says:

    Kayla's work outs are so damn cardio based I felt like I was going to throw up

  11. Rebecca Abrams says:

    Everyone complaining they didn't disclose the price – clearly you managed to find it on your own so guess it wasn't a big deal they didn't mention it after all!
    $120 a YEAR for a fitness program is a steal. That's $10 a month.That's skipping 2 cups of Starbucks coffee every month and it's paid for.
    My local gym costs $130 a MONTH, I'd be raving if I found a program I loved and that worked for $120 a year!

  12. mayaa1125 says:

    This editing is insane

  13. Aleena Nathan says:

    Pronounced Kayla “It-see-nez”

  14. Shushan Arakelyan says:

    I think Farrah is a wrong person to recommend against going to the gym, she personally would definitely benefit from having a personal trainer… One of her shoulders is noticeably much higher than the other in both before and after photos, I suspect that exercising with this posture in best case is going to make her shoulders more uneven, and in worst case can be outright dangerous and damaging for her back.

  15. dylan says:

    Do vegan videos. Plant powered fitness and helping at animal sanctuaries!

  16. Sloan Hodges says:

    What the heck is so bad about a little cheese??

  17. Iliana says:

    Does the after picture look photoshopped to you too?

  18. russari cote says:

    You’re not even flexing for your before picture….

  19. Danika Fang says:

    The moment when u think ur a “genius” and know most of the famous people. Then u see the women say she’s going to do a work out from Kayla itness who has 11 mill and ur like who tf is Kayla itness 😂

  20. lotusssypringa says:

    I don't like kayla's style. She's about losing weight, I prefer weights cause they shape your body. She's just stick-like and too thin. But i can see why she's popular, some people need that.

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