In The Clinic 9 Health Secrets Regimen

My morning supplement routine
I have made personalized, compassionate Internal Medicine my #1 priority. I keep a limited number of patients as a private physician to ensure you will get my full attention whenever, wherever you need it.

In this channel, I focus on Anabolic Recovery Medicine (ARM) treating the negative health consequences of steroid use. I also touch on my Metabolic Doc practice, cardio-metabolic consultation services for those interested in maintaining optimal heart health.

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20 thoughts on “In The Clinic 9 Health Secrets Regimen

  1. What the fuck is wrong with you trolls? How can you hate on this dude? Where did he say his body is a result of his supplement intake? If i talk about taking a health supplement and flex my biceps does that imply i got my gains from the supplement? He is trying to tell you how to keep your heart health while using your performance enhancing drugs and not die of heart failure randomly while eating a sandwich (no pun intended). Get a life.

  2. 53? Post screenshot of ID card or It didn't happen LOL, Maaaaaan I am 25 and I already killed my health. I wish I could be like you

  3. Only reason you feel good and energized and are able to exercise is because of your supraphysiological TRT dose regimen. Be honest about it and stop pointing at your biceps and then at vitamin C.

  4. Folks, this is silly. Let me tell you where I'm coming from. Now I'm a PHD. Not a medical Dr like Mr O'Connor. However, my PHD is in chemistry tied to nutrition. I've devoted my life to it. Over 35 years of study nutrition and how the body utilizes various elements and compounds, etc…. I will make this very short. The flaw in Dr O'Connor's health regime in this video? He has absolutely NO CLUE how all this stuff he takes counteracts or negates against each other. In other words, for example, creatine and the fish oils might not work well together. Just because they are both 'healthy'(in the right amounts) for you. They could very well not work well together. The fish oil could change the 'chemistry' of the creatine. That is just one example from his regime. Multiply that by 100, over all the different chemistry interactions from what he takes at the same time. My guess is not only is he not getting the health benefits he thinks he is; he is wasting alot of money. And most of the health benefits are being negated through interaction with all he is throwing down at the same time.

  5. Hey Doc love the videos, i was on Coreg and Prinivil after a stroke in 2014 at age 42 from a combination of anabolics, excessive alcohol intake, high blood pressure, after about a year i dropped those two drugs because they were making me very lethargic and also have been using a CPAP to help with the blood pressure but im interested in the "bistolic" you were talking about, can a regular general practitioner prescribe that?

  6. What a scam. You could take all the shit on that table and never take it again. But keep taking your TRT and you will look the exact same. You take all the shit on that table for placebo effect.

    Go sell a pyramid scheme protein.

    And your hypertension is from that TRT… Tell the peoole Doc. Lol

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