Interesting Facts About Your Health – 10 Interesting Facts About Health You Will Love to Learn

Knowing your body, and the most interesting facts about your health can save your life. In this special edition, I talk about many interesting health topics useful for everyday life. You will love to learn about 10 interesting fact about health that can improve your quality of life naturally and effectively.

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20 Responses to Interesting Facts About Your Health – 10 Interesting Facts About Health You Will Love to Learn

  1. Rita Gamez says:

    😀👍es mejor sonreir.y hacer ejercicio.and takecare are self!.great video!!✌❤

  2. María Mercedes Quintero Navarrete says:

    Dr ❤️

  3. Susi Zep says:

    Thank you Dr God bless you

  4. Flor Gonzalez says:

    Gran video

  5. Gabi Hernandez says:

    Gracias Dr

  6. Shai Sorero says:

    Right now I'm so tired, but I'll get ready to workout.

  7. Maria Avena says:

    Thanks doctor very good information for are healthy 👍💯👨‍⚕️

  8. Jose Ezequiel Diaz De Leon says:

    Thank you Dr Landivar for good information, is good for me ,God bless you

  9. gonzalo gil gutierrez says:


  10. gonzalo gil gutierrez says:


  11. Erika Felix says:

    Hi dr. Thank you for your videos

  12. Luz Stella says:

    Excelente vídeo,Doctor Landivar! Thank you!
    I didn’t see this video in Spanish, and now is double reward, listening in English, ,Thank you!
    Por favor , Doctor, podría hacer un vídeo sobre la lengua geográfica y posibles tratamientos,gracias !

  13. Skincare Lover says:

    As always so interesting!!! Thank you

  14. Carlos VAalentin Pelagio says:

    excelente informacion para gozar de una buena salud

  15. Navidad Carranza de Gonzalez says:

    Like always wonderful information God bless you.

  16. Gabi Hernandez says:

    Saludos desde México

  17. Gabi Hernandez says:


  18. Adela Esparza says:

    Gracias Dr. Gus por sus consegos
    Excellent videos. Houston Tx

  19. Cacheton Sanchess says:

    thank you very much Dr Agustin Landivar for his good videos I am up to date with his videos that help me a lot thanks

  20. Rosa Montes de Oca Gonzalez says:

    Gracias saludos cordiales!!

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